YouTube bans gambling, political content and alcohol ads on its home page


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YouTube, the video site owned by Google, has banned ads related to the alcohol, gambling, politics and drugs at the top of the platform, located at the top of your page.

“We regularly review our advertising requirements to make sure they meet the needs of both advertisers and users. Today, we’re updating those requirements to limit the categories of ads that are eligible to serve in YouTube’s header inventory. We believe this update will build on the changes we made last year to the header booking process and lead to a better user experience, ”a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement sent to ABC.

As collected yesterday by ‘Axios’, the portal that announced the news yesterday, some political content that is not supportive of candidates may appear, but will be reviewed “case by case” by the platform. Likewise, it must be taken into account that the space will not generically prohibit advertising of this typeYou will simply no longer find accommodation in the header, one of the most visible areas of the video site and “the most prominent Google ad placement available to advertisers,” as highlighted from the page.

YouTube has already incorporated changes to its advertising policies on its support page. There it is established that in the header advertisements “content related to gambling, including offline gambling”, “assets related to elections or politics” and those “that represent or refer to content related to alcohol “or” to prescription drugs. “

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