Zendaya pays tribute to Beyonce in a Versace dress she wore almost 20 years ago

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If you take a look at the street style and the clothes in the shop windows, you come to the conclusion that they prevail the trends of the eighties and nineties, making it clear once again that fashion is cyclical. What triumphed at one time is most likely to come back reinvented years later with some innovative touch. We refer to the tests with Zendaya and her Versace dress to attend the BET Awards.

The design, made in purple gauze, It consisted of a flowing skirt reminiscent of Greek-inspired models and featured a deep V-neckline that extended to the waist. Transverse bands in fuchsia and pistachio added the note of contrast and gave it an even more sophisticated finish, adapting perfectly to the figure of the actress. In addition, both the beauty look, with a polished ponytail, as well as the chosen accessories, discreet earrings and minimal strappy sandals, contributed to giving the garment more visibility.

However, as stunning as the dress is, what has really attracted attention has been that it is not a new piece – although observing both the pattern and the finishes it could be perfectly – but that it belongs to the collection of 2003 and Beyonce already wore it in his show at the BET Awards in which he performed one of his most iconic songs ‘Crazy in Love’. A full-fledged tribute that has been viralized on social networks in a matter of minutes.

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Zendaya proudly shared on her Instagram account several snapshots of the garment in which she alluded to the singer, and also published some of the images of the performance in her Stories. As can be seen, the garment has been customized and it does not look the same as eighteen years ago, as it has certain variations such as the skirt, to which more fabric has been added to make it look down to the feet.

Beyonce at the 2003 BET Awards and Zendaya in the same dress in 2021
Beyonce at the 2003 BET Awards and Zendaya in the same dress in 2021 – © Instagram: @zendaya

In the case of Versace, this tactic of ‘relaunching’ vintage designs that were famous at one time, is usually quite recurrent. A very useful strategy to give visibility to brands without too much effort. Donatella is an expert in carrying it out with celebrities from both the world of music and cinema.

Liz Hurley It is one of the most characteristic examples, since she has worn several of the most iconic dresses of the Italian house decades apart and has shown it on her social networks, proud. One of the most recognized is this black design with a marked neckline, with openings and strategic safety pins with which it was seen for the first time back in 1994 by Hugh Grant at the premiere of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, when it was known, and that she wore again in March 2019.

But if there is one case that caused a sensation it was in the parade of the spring-summer 2020 collection cElebrated in September 2019 in Milan in which Jennifer Lopez made her stellar appearance with the dress that she had worn twenty years before, in the 2000 Grammy. The dress itself has already become the most talked about in its day, even encouraging the creation of the Google image search engine, and which made the news again as soon as the singer stepped on the catwalk.

Jennifer Lopez at the Versace Fashion Show September 2019
Jennifer Lopez at the Versace September 2019 Fashion Show – © Gtres

In view of the success that this type of action arouses, it only remains to wait to see who will be the next celebrity to carry it out.

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