Do you ruminate constantly? With these 3 tips you can get out of the spiral of negative thoughts


Have I done something wrong? What do others think of me? What’s next? Once you get lost in negative thoughts, it’s often very difficult to get out of the carousel of thoughts. However, we do not find a solution, but only make our fears and worries worse. Sound familiar to you? So take the following three tips to heart – they will help you interrupt negative thoughts.

With these 3 tips you will find your way out of the spiral of negative thoughts

1. Focus on the facts

Often our brains play tricks on us, and we get so caught up in made-up scenarios that we take them as fact and feel bad or sad about them. Here it can be helpful to refer to reality: what really happened and what do I know for sure? Only these things matter. Any negatives you think about are just a figment of your imagination.

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2. Express your thoughts

Our problems and worries are often three times bigger in our heads than they actually are. To find out what your fear really is, confide in someone close to you. He can reflect back to you how really bad it is and stand by your side. Talking is often the most effective way to release negative thoughts.

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