How to apply lip pencil correctly? The best tips

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The contour of the lips is drawn with a lip pencil. The effect: Lips appear fuller, the next color can be applied more easily. But how do you manage to edge the lips without making a mistake? STYLEBOOK gives suggestions.

If you like wearing matte and bright lipsticks, you definitely shouldn’t do without applying lip liner. To some extent, the contour pencil defines the frame of the lip. Means: If you want to conjure up fuller lips, paint a little beyond the lip contour and thus optically enlarge the natural lip shape. If you just want a clean edge of the lipstick, use the lip liner to trace the natural lip line so the color doesn’t run out later. But it’s easier said than done, after all you have to be careful about some things, otherwise makeup mistakes are inevitable.

How to find the right lip pencil

In order for the clean lip contour to be successful, a suitable lip liner is first required. The color of the lip pencil should be a similar shade to the lipstick to be applied over it. Choose the lining a maximum of 1-2 shades lighter or darker! Not only the color is important, but also the texture. If the coating is too hard the application can be painful and uneven, if it is too soft the whole thing will smear. The easiest way to apply is a pencil with a soft, waxy lead. Especially practical are models with a lead that can be unscrewed. The advantage: spiral wires are usually so thin that you don’t need to sharpen them. The relatively soft lip liner tends to crack in the sharpener and becomes unusable.

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Tip: If you only have a harder core lip pencil on hand, warm it up briefly in your hand. And if the lip liner is too soft, a quick chill in the refrigerator will help.

Apply the lip pencil correctly

Tracing the heart of the lips can be quite tricky in one go, so you should never trace the outline in one motion – you can’t go wrong if you’re not a makeup pro! It’s easier to draw one arc at a time. Start applying the lip liner in the center of the upper lip and then gradually trace along the curve to the corner of the mouth. Then repeat on the other labial arch. It’s the same with the bottom lip: start in the center and carefully work outward. Tip: If you smile, you can trace the outline better because the skin on your lips is tighter. Finally, open your mouth wide so you can work the corners of your mouth with the lip liner. Later, small errors or bumps can also be corrected with a corrector – done.

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If you like, you can then apply the lipstick inside the lip contour you just drew. Alternatively, you can also paint the entire lips with lip pencil, the contour pencil is usually more resistant and at least as color-intensive as conventional lipstick.

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More volume and sharp contours

With the lip pencil, you can not only visually enlarge the lips or prevent the lipstick from running out. If you know how to apply lip liner correctly, you can even play with the shape of your lips and create a wide variety of makeup looks. For example, you can conjure up a defined lip heart or make it disappear by shaping your lips accordingly. Here too it is important to choose the right color. Basically, the same rule applies as with the facial contour: Light colors emphasize, dark colors fade and individual areas can be optically set against the background.


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