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Too plucked, trimmed, or just plain and simple – thin brows that only grow in patches can be extremely annoying. The Vita Brows beauty treatment aims to make them grow back thick in a completely natural way. STYLEBOOK explains what’s behind it.

The highlight: With Vita Brows, beauty professionals have developed a method to give tired hairs above the eyes a little boost without chemicals so that they grow back densely and evenly. The gentle form of treatment only arrived in Germany two years ago, so the treatment is only gradually appearing in the programs of many beauty salons.

What are Vita Eyebrows?

With the help of a needle pen – similar to microneedling – a natural vitamin serum is injected a few millimeters under the skin of the forehead through extremely fine needles – so that the contained nutrient solution can dock at the hair follicles and hair roots . Here the serum is supposed to stimulate cell growth and ensure that the once stunted hair grows vigorously again.

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How does the treatment work?

The basis for Vita Brows is cleaning and degreasing of the eyebrows. This allows the hair to better absorb the active ingredients. The fine needles are then used. These only penetrate a few millimeters into the skin surface. In this way, the serum can penetrate right down to the hair roots and thus stimulate hair growth.

Does the method deliver what it promises?

“As a rule, a change is noticeable after just one week,” says beautician and eyebrow expert Sevda Pekdogan of “The Beauty Room” in Munich. “Then, in the second session, you can see the first very fine hairs grow back, a sign that the treatment can be continued.”

In scared areas and wherever hair roots are irretrievably destroyed, no hair grows back despite the vitamin serum. “You can only save something where something can theoretically still grow,” explains the expert. However, he admits, the structure of the hair and the associated growth are very individual for each person. Additionally, there may also be hormonal reasons why the Vita Brows method works faster for some and slower for others.

What is vitamin whey made of?

The serum used for Vita Brows is a purely plant-based vitamin oil blend made in Germany, the esthetician points out, which includes “extracts of rosemary, thyme, almond and castor oil.” Since the ingredients are all of natural origin, there are no side effects or – if not already known – allergic reactions to fear. “However, it can happen that the essential oils it contains initially irritate a little and make your eyes water a little,” explains the expert. A side effect that will soon pass. Apart from a light puncture, the procedure is completely painless, continues Sevda Pekdogan.

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How often should the procedure be repeated?

The expert knows from her practical experience that Vita Brows should be repeated at least four times, and in some cases more often. And this at intervals of a week: “This ensures that the serum reaches all important areas and can take effect.” Each forehead hair has a life cycle of six weeks – this way every single hair receives the necessary hair dose at the right time to develop in the best possible way. “Once everything has grown back nice and thick, the client just needs to come back every six months to maintain the condition,” Pekdogan explains.

What should be considered after the Vita Brows treatment?

Since the skin is still sensitive after the Vita Brows treatment, you should be careful not to irritate it further. Therefore, refrain from applying makeup to your eyebrows for 24 hours and avoid the sun and solarium.

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How much does Vita Brows cost?

A session of Vita Brows can cost between 60 and 100 euros, depending on the provider. To be on the safe side, you should therefore budget between 400 and 500 euros for the entire treatment.


  • with expert advice from beautician and eyebrow expert Sevda Pekdogan, “The room of beauty

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