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A wedding is usually quite expensive. Many brides are therefore looking for an outfit for a civil wedding that can also be worn after the wedding. STYLEBOOK presents six options for looks that will make you a real eye-catcher both on your wedding day and after in your everyday life.

The most beautiful looks for the wedding in the registry office

1. Celebrate your wedding in color at the registry office

Does the bride always have to wear classic white to the wedding? Certainly not! Especially at the civil appointment, it can also be something else. So many brides choose a color dress. Whether you go for bright red, elegant dark blue or muted pink is entirely up to you. Whether you wear a dress or pantsuit is also a matter of your taste. The practical thing: You can wear your wedding dress from the registry office in everyday life without any problems, as most people only think of wedding looks when they think of white.

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2. Wedding in jeans and a t-shirt? Why not!

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a big wedding after the wedding in the registry office, want to get married relaxed in a small circle or want to elope: jeans and a T-shirt are probably the most casual outfit variant for your wedding. In this case, white jeans and a white T-shirt would be particularly suitable. A white blazer over or instead of the t-shirt adds a tasteful touch to the styling.

3. Reach for two-piece suits

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For several years now, more and more bridal fashion designers have no longer only dresses in their range, but also two-piece suits. In addition to trouser suits, the combination of a skirt and top is especially popular. Most brands rely on high-quality materials and elegant cuts. Pieces made from silk are particularly popular because the fabric is airy and yet drapes beautifully. In addition, thanks to its sheen, silk sets the scene for the body.

4. … or with overalls!

A tracksuit also works great as an alternative to dresses! Suits come in all kinds of colors and materials. Jumpsuits in white are also ideal for the wedding day and can therefore be combined with casual summer sandals, a light bomber jacket and a cap. As with all other outfits, you should also pay attention to the high-quality workmanship and fabric.

5. Elegant summer dresses also work as an outfit for a registry office wedding

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Many women who have spent their wedding day in a traditional wedding dress will be familiar with the feeling: It’s hot and it’s tight. Especially on summer days with very hot temperatures, many women want a rather airy dress. If you too are planning a wedding in the hottest months of the year, how about a summer dress as a wedding look? If you pay attention to the high-quality workmanship, you will not only have a perfect wedding look, but also have a lot of fun afterwards.

6. Get unusual accessories

Mandrels with a wedding dress or a leather jacket instead of a stole – this way you not only protect your wallet, but also your feet with the former. On the other hand, you can also update a rather everyday wedding dress for the registry office with extravagant accessories. From pearl jewelry to glittering high heels, a tiara or eye-catching jewelry, anything you like is allowed. After the wedding, you can then incorporate the accessories individually into your looks and always have a small memento of your wedding day with you.

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