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Salma Hayek seems to be cursing Brazilian bikinis in the summer of 2023.

Once again, Salma Hayek has gone viral on Instagram with a new bikini — or rather: her photo. The actress seems to have a summer habit of turning to social media for the perfect inspiration on how to dress for those warm days at the beach or pool. Now that summer temperatures have reached Germany too, Salma Hayek’s latest post makes you want to go on vacation and take a summer break even more.

How to wear a light blue bikini like Salma Hayek in summer?

The Frida star posted a photo on Instagram of her wearing a light blue bikini on a yacht. Underneath the picture she wrote this great message: “Some people don’t like gray days, but I think every day is precious. Cherish your week, no matter what it brings”, which is German for something like that you cherish every day it should, no matter how obscure it starts out. Even Salma Hayek in her photo is not made up, her hair is gathered in a loose ponytail and her only accessory is a pair of simple black sunglasses.

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What makes Salma Hayek’s blue bikini so special

It seems that Salma Hayek has already found her favorite bikini cut: the Brazilian bikini. Just a few weeks ago, the actress posted another photo with a very similar bikini model, albeit in yellow at the time. The Brazilian bikini was already extremely popular in the 80s and is characterized by the fact that the straps are pulled up over the hips, emphasizing the feminine silhouette.

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