Children’s welcome party: ideas for beautiful birth rites


Welcome your baby to the family with a baby welcome party. As an alternative to baptism, there are many ways to organize a special ceremony. Tips for lasting rituals and memories.

The baby is here and family life is turned upside down. Too many feelings, too little sleep, traffic jams and shitty diapers keep you on your toes. Something like that. In any case, the real miracle is soon lost sight of: A new person has arrived. Your family has changed forever. A great transition for all involved.

Existential events in human life are usually honored with ceremony: school enrollment, youth initiation, wedding, funeral. Until now, births have often been performed as part of a baptism. But many families do not belong to any religious community. No reason not to pay homage to the new family member and share the baby’s joy.

Design your ceremony

In Anglo-American countries, the “baby naming ceremony” developed as an alternative to baptism. In Germany there is talk of the Children’s Welcome Festival. Many freelance speakers offer their services for this. But it also works without official speakers. The great thing is that you are completely free to implement the baby welcome party. Whether it’s a big party or an intimate ceremony, whether it’s in the living room or restaurant, in the garden or in a special place, everything is possible. We’ve put together the best ideas to make the day a special memory – for you and then for your child.

It is best to choose the time so that it does not overwhelm you. Wait for the delivery and settle into your new roles first. There’s nothing wrong with not celebrating until your baby is several months old — or even waiting until infancy for your child to get something from being the center of attention.

We have collected the best ideas for your children’s welcome party.

Conduct a sand ritual

A sand ceremony is a great way to enrich a celebration in a simple but effective way. Or even to form its center. You prepare a large empty glass jar that needs to be filled. Next to it are bowls with different colored sand. Now parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, godmothers, friends and all those who have a role in the child’s life come forward, take some colored sand and pour it one by one into the large glass. Color by color creates a unique pattern. Each layer symbolizes the person’s commitment to the newcomer.

This rite becomes particularly personal if, instead of colored sand, you have everyone bring a little earth from their own garden or from a favorite place.

Fill a time capsule

It’s a wonderful ritual to fill a memory box that will serve as a time capsule that your child will use to return to that day later. Everyone carries a memory that goes into Box placed: the newspaper from the day of birth, a sealed letter, a photo, a jewel or a lucky charm. It will be a special event for your child to open the treasure chest at some point (perhaps his 18th birthday?) and discover the objects with associated messages.

grow plants

It’s one of the classics to plant a tree that you watch grow like your child. If you don’t have the space for it, you can alternatively use tightly packed ones seed balls distribute to guests who plant them in pots, flower beds or woods. Either way, an appropriate symbol for the loving care of a child.

Decorate a wish tree

Provide small paper tags and pens for all guests. During the day – or as part of a formal ceremony – everyone writes a wish or a few words of welcome for your child. The pendants are attached to a tree (real or artificial) with colored ribbons. Or you just stretch a rope decorated with it. The plus: it can decorate the children’s room for a long time.

Fill out a guest book

If you like it more compact, a classic guest book is a good alternative. Everyone can immortalize themselves in it, with words, drawings and photos. A highlight can be a Polaroid camera that you add, perhaps even with fun accessories. Hats, brightly colored scarves, wigs or pre-printed sayings on paper speech bubbles for sticking on wooden sticks – this makes taking photos a fun event for those present.

Paint a candle

Light represents new beginnings, happiness and life. You can light a personalized or specially painted candle for this special occasion, just like the classic christening candle. Or use the occasion to Candle with candle pens to paint and create a very personal keepsake that you can ignite on important occasions for your child.

Tell the story of the name

Your baby’s welcome party is the perfect opportunity to tell the story of your baby’s name. what does Why did you choose him mean? What do you associate it with?

Give a personal stamp

A custom stamp with your initials is a symbolic gift. Your child can use the stamp for various invitations throughout their life or just keep it as a keepsake.

Collect greeting videos

You definitely have a smartphone at hand. Make a small video of each guest and record his personal greetings and wishes. (Maybe someone will even sing a song?) Put it all together in a movie later.

Create symbolic connections

Such a baby welcome party is a good occasion for symbolic gestures: Name a star after your child. Or sponsor a less fortunate child.

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