Bachelorette parties and company: where do wedding customs come from?

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Many traditions and myths intertwine around the theme of weddings, flowers are scattered and hen parties are celebrated. STYLEBOOK reveals which customs protect you from evil spirits and why scattering flowers should be beneficial for family planning.

Wedding dress, invitations, location, music: initially organizing a wedding requires a lot of work. While many couples like to do without the frills and frills, there are actually some wedding traditions and customs that shouldn’t be missed before and during the celebration.

Fragments bring luck

Shortly before the wedding, many throw a bachelorette party. In which guests break old porcelain plates or cups on the floor. True to the motto “fragments bring luck”, the noise is supposed to drive away evil spirits. It also brings the couple a happy marriage, an idea that dates back to pre-Christian times.

The bachelor party

While today future husbands go to clubs in drag, the bachelor party originally had a completely different purpose. On this occasion the groom was put to the test by the bride’s family. The bachelorette party has also long been a popular wedding custom for women. In the so-called “bachelorette party”, originally from the USA and the Netherlands, the bride, relatives and friends gather in small groups.

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scatter flowers

According to a pagan custom, the petals that are scattered when the bride enters the church attract fertility deities and ensure numerous offspring. In most marriages, the children of friends or relatives act as (more or less) motivated flower children.

Something old, new, borrowed and blue

According to English tradition, the bride should bring something old for stability – for example a jewel from her grandmother – something new for a successful future, a borrowed item as a sign of loyalty and something blue as a sign of loyalty. Many brides therefore opt for garters with blue accents.

The wedding shoe thief

When the party is on, tradition-conscious couples have their wedding shoes stolen. One of the bride’s guests steals a shoe, which is then circulated and filled with money. It is the groom’s job to recover the shoe from the thief by answering questions about the bride or completing chores.

throwing wedding bouquets

One of the best-known wedding customs: After the wedding ceremony and meal, the bride throws the wedding bouquet. All the unmarried women get together and whoever takes the bouquet becomes the next bride.

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