Wrinkled lobes? Causes and advice from the dermatologist

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There are anti-aging measures for the teeth, face, décolleté, hands and even the ear lobes. Because if you neglect them, sooner or later you will recognize it in the mirror: With age, earlobes stretch, loosen and wrinkle. STYLEBOOK spoke to an expert about how to counter this problem.

Why do earlobes stretch with age?

Like everywhere else on the human body, the connective tissue in the ears weakens over time. The result: the skin loses its elasticity and regains its old shape with corresponding difficulty (and ultimately not at all). This is all the more serious with the earlobes, which are often strained by heavy earrings – the consequences are more wrinkles and sagging skin on the ears.

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Wrinkled earlobes: how to prevent them?

“Take it in that ears are also part of overall skin care,” advises Munich dermatologist Dr. Tim Goluke. This means: After applying the lotion to the face, rub the earlobes with a small amount of skin care product and also tell the beautician during the facial treatment to also treat the ears. As a preventive measure, the dermatologist advises against wearing heavy earrings too often. Eventually they wear out the tissue and thus promote wrinkled earlobes in old age.

To prevent wrinkled earlobes, Dr. Golüke also on aesthetic-cosmetic treatments such as peelings. In microdermabrasion, for example, the top layer of skin is removed using a diamond-attached grinding head. But chemical peels like AHA acid can help too. In both cases, care products rich in active ingredients thus ensure rapid regeneration of the skin.

What helps with wrinkles on the earlobes?

Dr Golüke relies on hyaluronic acid injections when wrinkles have already formed on the earlobes. “As a result, wrinkles are padded and the skin looks plumper again.” The procedure takes about ten minutes. The costs for this start at around 100 euros, the result should last up to six months. “The earlobe isn’t being actively moved, so the injected acid only breaks down very slowly.” Unlike fillers, Botox wouldn’t help at all at this point, explains Dr. Goluke. “You don’t have any muscles in your earlobes that you could paralyze with the neurotoxin.”


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