The president of the Turkish community of Nuremberg – Bavaria resigns


Due to the growing hostilities, the chairman of the Turkish community in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, Bülent Bayraktar, resigned from his post. The trigger was said to have been an accident at Nuremberg airport in mid-July, Bayraktar told the German news agency. According to the police, the state security of the Nuremberg Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the matter.

Bayraktar wrote on Twitter that he had been denounced, threatened and insulted several times. “Unfortunately, the dose has increased lately, so my family and I no longer feel safe.” Bayraktar said he was insulted by a man on Saturday two weeks ago at Nuremberg airport, among other things as a traitor, and his brother was physically attacked by him.

In response to the resignation, the Turkish community in Bavaria turned to the mayor of Nuremberg, Marcus König (CSU), and complained in an open letter that “a toxic atmosphere had developed in the city” so that liberal groups no longer felt safe. At the same time, they called on the mayor to seek talks with the Alliance Against Right-Wing Extremism in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region on how to deal with Turkish extremists.

When asked, König said he strongly condemned any form of verbal or even physical assault and recommended that anyone who has been the victim of violence file a criminal complaint or at least seek police advice. He could not comment on the specific case.

König rejected the assessments of the Turkish community in Bavaria. “In Nuremberg there is an open climate, which characterizes the city’s society, in which over 50 percent have a migratory history”. Furthermore, he is in constant contact with Allianz.

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