Women’s World Cup: German women start with brilliant opening win against Morocco – Voss-Tecklenburg holds back


“We can classify him and we’re not going crazy now,” said national team coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, from whose point of view “everything wasn’t perfect.”

She immediately concentrated on the second group match: “Last year’s European Championship went well, we’ll do well again this year”.

On Tuesday, the DFB team flew from Melbourne to Newcastle and from there returned to base camp in Wyong.

Voss-Tecklenburg also gave his players a day off on Wednesday ahead of Sunday’s match against Colombia. Against the Colombians “we will have a different impact”, warned the national coach.

Huth: “There is still room for improvement”

While it’s not obvious that after a bumpy preparation she “performs so well in a special tournament,” as goalkeeper Merle Frohms explained, the DFB women remained realistic.

“We know we still have room for improvement,” said Svenja Huth: “Because in the second game we can’t buy anything from the start if we suddenly stop playing football.”

Above all, “we must avoid losing the ball even more in the direction of the centre”.

Lina Magull also said, “We don’t have to go overboard yet.” However, it was important “for us as a team” “to set an example for ourselves, obviously also to give Germany the feeling that we are there and ready for this tournament,” said the midfielder.

“I hope we managed to convey this euphoria.”


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