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After the group stage, two or three of the women’s World Cup favorites in Australia and New Zealand had to say goodbye. In addition to Brazil and Canada, it also affected Germany, who flew home third in the table after a furious start against Morocco.

However, the remaining games promise some exciting games for fans to follow on public television. After negotiations with FIFA, it was agreed in cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) that ARD and ZDF broadcast the 64 matches on live televisionas well as inside internet turned on sportschau.de or in the ZDF media library will be shown in the live stream.

Time Zone: Who is playing when and where can be seen?

Due to the time difference of at least six hours, fans in Germany have to be prepared for unusual kick-off times. Since the World Cup also takes place in four different time zones, the start times for the round of 16 are between 4:00 and 13:00 German time.

Round of 16 on Saturday 5 August

German games

On July 24, the Germans made their first appearance and won easily against Morocco. The DFB team lost the second match of the German preliminary round against Colombia in added time. The 1:1 draw against South Korea in the last game was not enough. The DFB team was eliminated in the group stage: for the first time in the history of the World Cup it was over after the preliminary round.

Moderators, experts and commentators

When broadcasting the World Cup, ARD and ZDF rely on experienced journalists. However, there will not be a joint study like at the Men’s World Cup in Qatar. Only a small team of the two broadcasters will be present in Australia and New Zealand, the majority of which will take place in the Mainz and Hamburg studios.

The ZDF sends a team of eight around a commentator Claudia Neumann in Australia and New Zealand. Among them are Tabea Kemme and Josephine Henning as co-commentators for six selected games on the site. They will be supported by Norbert Galeske, Oliver Schmidt, Martin Schneider, Daniel Pinschower and Heiko Klasen, who will comment on the games from the Mainz studio. moderator Sven Voss will also be present in the studio in the broadcast center, as will former soccer player Kathrin Lehmann. The player too Julia Winn she will be on duty as a pundit for selected matches in Mainz, as she had to miss this World Cup with a knee injury. However, due to the training plans of her club FC Bayern, she will not be there every day.

The ARD also relies on familiar faces, including the moderator Claus Lufen and expert Nia Kunzerreporting from the Hamburg study. One of the experts is Thomas Broich, who played in the Australian league. commentator Bernd Schmelzer, who has been involved in major sporting events for three decades, will be part of the squad. He and Christina Graf provide match commentary from Australia and New Zealand. In addition to them, around 15 other ARD members are present, including Lena Kesting from the DFB district. Stephanie Baczyk and Jan Neumann complete the commentary team of the Hamburg studio.

Documentaries on the World Cup

ZDF offers documentaries and reports for all football fans who want to learn more about women’s football in general and the national team in particular.

Among other things, the documentary series “Born for this – more than football” will provide insights into the structure of the DFB women’s team. The first episode aired on July 15 and is available in the ZDF media library. Further episodes of the format will be released after the World Cup. Furthermore, the report ‘Women, Youth, Stars – How Female Footballers are Changing the World’ examines the social significance of female footballers. Here the former tennis player Andrea Petkovic goes on the offensive with various footballers and converses with Melanie Leupolz, Nadia Nadim and Pia Sundlage, among others. The report is visible in ZDF Media Library.

More documentation like “Women, Football, Freedom” can also be seen in the ZDF media library.

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