Dry eyeliner? Bright makeup helps immediately

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Anyone who uses felt eyeliner knows the problem: The pen only works very well immediately after purchase. The felt lead dries in seconds and becomes useless after a few tricks. STYLEBOOK shows you a simple trick to spice up your old eyeliner pencils.

Bet your eyeliner isn’t empty or completely dry when it stops painting? With a pair of tweezers, you can “fix” your seemingly empty eyeliner in seconds – we show in the video exactly how it works.

Store the eyeliner tip down

Sometimes our makeup needs a lot of attention. This also applies to the popular felt eyeliner, so that it doesn’t dry out so quickly. To avoid the seemingly inevitable, it’s important to store your eyeliner pencil correctly. It is best stored flat or with the tip pointing down, that way there is always enough paint in the felt tip, which delays drying. Always make sure to close the lid properly.

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Then the dried eyeliner paint again

IThere is usually still a lot of color left in the eyeliner when we would like to throw it away because the tip has dried out. Therefore, take a pair of tweezers and grab the seemingly dry felt tip of your eyeliner. Then carefully pull it out of the socket. It’s best to work slowly so the paint doesn’t spill! Then dip the dry tip inside the pen and then into the rest of the color left in the pen. Then put the tip saturated with the rest of the paint back in its original position in the pen socket – done. Now the eyeliner should work just as well as it did right after I bought it!

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With the trick of the tweezers, the eyeliner pencil paints pitch black againPhoto: BOOK OF STYLE

Extra tip: If the eyeliner loses its color intensity again, you can repeat the trick with the tweezers as many times as you like, until the last bit of color is out of the pencil.

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