Children’s birthday party games: 20 fantastic ideas


Knock the pot, blind enthusiast or Monday painter – there are numerous children’s birthday games that will spice up your child’s birthday party. Here you will find 20 tips so that little guests do not get bored.

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After the delicious cake and the marathon of unwrapping presents, there is still time for fun games before the guest children come to collect again. We have 20 Awesome Birthday Games For Kids To Try for you, so that the little rascals’ big birthday party is a complete success. With these classics you will definitely not be bored.

Games to know

1. Broken hearts

Big hearts are cut out of the red card, one for every two guests. All hearts are cut into pieces in different ways. The game begins when all children are present. Each guest takes a heart from a prepared basket and looking for its corresponding half. The couple who met first gets a small round of applause. As soon as all pairs have been found, the next game continues.

2. Back to back

Couples stay together. If the master of the game “Back to Back” calls, all couples have their backs to each other. At the face-to-face call, the pairs turn around again, as they look at each other from a short distance. Adults should be at eye level with younger children. In “Change” everyone starts running in search of a new partner as far as possible.

3. Have you seen my friend?

All guests stand in a circle at arm’s length from a child. A child starts and asks: “Have you seen my friend?” The others ask, “What does he look like?” The child now describes any player in the circle. As soon as the designated player recognizes himself, he starts running to catch his “friend”. He in turn tries to fill the void that has been released. Whoever manages to do this without being touched first is redeemed, and the described player now goes in search of his friend himself.

Children’s birthday games for young and old

4. Hitting the plate

Pot banging is a good opportunity to bring mini gifts to the host and is equally popular with three to six year olds (toddlers sometimes find being blindfolded creepy). Then the others hide a vase under which a small present is hidden. The “blind” child has to crawl on the floor and try to find the pot by hitting it with the wooden spoon. The others help with decoys: warm when you approach, cold when you slither in the wrong direction.

5. Stop dancing

As long as there’s music people dance, when it stops you have to freeze without shaking. Older kids often think it’s stupid, so they’re happy to take on the role of DJ.

6. Wrap mummies

The birthday boy can be a mom (or pick another kid), everyone else wraps him in plenty of toilet paper to make him a mom. From six children, two groups can participate in the competition.

7. Captive balloon

The crowd of guests form dancing couples. One of the dancers ties a string (about 50 centimeters long) with a balloon attached to the end of the leg. music off! When you dance, your balloon must not break, but you have to try to crush the other balloons. The couple with the balloon left wins.

8. Take the bag

Helps calm overheated minds. In a cloth bag of all kinds household items and toys collected (marbles, pens, clothespins, cutlery). The children take turns reaching into the bag to touch the objects.

9. Eat chocolate

The children take turns rolling the dice. Whoever rolls a 6 puts on a hat, scarf and gloves, takes a knife and fork and then tries to unwrap the bar of chocolate on the table. Then the child cuts the chocolate into small pieces and eats them. But as soon as another child rolls a 6, he can quickly die Put on your clothes and try to eat the chocolate. The game lasts until the chocolate is eaten. Variant for older children: The chocolate is artfully wrapped, which makes it more difficult to unwrap.

10. Blind man’s buff

A child is blindfolded with cloth. This blind cow must now try to catch one of the other children. Whoever gets caught becomes the new blind buff. The playing field doesn’t have to be too big to give the seeking child a chance!

11th straw relay

Each child has a straw in their mouth two teams play against each other. The first gasps and sucks a thin piece of paper through the straw. He picks it up and passes it to the next child, who in turn sucks the paper. If the sheet falls, you have to start over. Which team will finish the sheet first?

12. Monday Painter

All the children sit around the table, have a sheet of paper in front of them, a pen in their hand and their eyes are blindfolded. A The adult tells the picture for the children to draw: For example a house with a pointed roof, a tree next to it, a car on the other side… Once the illustrated story is finished, the blindfolds are removed and the amusing images are looked at.

13. Cotton blowing

There is a cotton ball in the center of a table. Everyone tries to throw the ball to another child, but in any case away from themselves. If cotton falls off the edge of a child’s table, he probably hasn’t had enough breath. He lost and must be eliminated.

14. Spin the bottle

The first will be at Specified field of knowledge, such as “the animal kingdom” or “fairy tales”. A child asks a question from this area, for example: “In which fairy tale does the apple play an important role?” Then the bottle is turned over – the answer must be given by the one to whom the neck points. If the answer was correct, “Snow White,” that child gets to ask the new question. If you answer incorrectly or don’t answer at all, you must abandon or pay a deposit.

15. Poor black cat

A fun, not very difficult game that even the youngest children can play. A child becomes a cat. He crawls on the floor and takes turns stopping in front of the seated children. Each child has to stroke the cat’s head. He says with regret: “Poor black cat!” Laughing is forbidden here. Naturally the cat tries to make the children laugh by making faces. If you lose your temper and laugh, you have to pay a deposit. Variant: Whoever laughs is the next “black cat”.

16. Birthday games for kids: Pinata

One of the most loved birthday games for children: a piñata. First you need a pinata Purchase a paper mache one or make one yourself. The birthday girl then blindfolds and hits it with a stick until it opens and her candy falls out of her. Of course the stick can also be passed so that everyone can hit it. The sweets are divided among the children.

17. Treasure hunt

The scavenger hunt for children’s birthday parties, also called scavenger hunts, is a true classic. Children are given a treasure map showing them where to find the treasure. Along the way they have to various stations where tasks are assigned. You can go on a treasure hunt both indoors and outdoors.

18. Trip to Jerusalem

In this game, chairs are placed back to back in a long line. At the beginning of the game it is already one chair less than children. As the music plays, the children run around the chairs in a circle. As soon as the music stops, everyone sits down in an empty chair. Anyone who doesn’t get a seat is eliminated. Gradually the chairs become fewer and fewer until only one remains. Whoever takes the last place wins.

19. Ghost hunting

In ghost hunting, a child is identified as a ghost hiding in a dark room. The remaining children are equipped with flashlights and have exactly 30 seconds timeto find the ghost. The child who found the ghost can now play the ghost himself.

20. Wandering water

This kids birthday game is perfect for summer. Children sit in a circle and pass an ice cube. The child whose ice cube has completely melted is eliminated. This continues with a new ice cube until in the end there is only one winner left. It deserves a small prize.


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