Dyeing your hair gray – what you should definitely pay attention to

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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen only older women with gray hair. Silver and gray hair is all the rage. However, the look is not that easy to color. We asked an expert hairdresser what to watch out for.

While some people try to make the first gray hair disappear again, there are those who want exactly the opposite and dye their hair gray. The silver look is all the rage, for women of all ages.

Who suits gray hair anyway?

One thing is clear: you don’t have to dye your gray hair! On the contrary! Many don’t want to be gray, they have a white mane. But as cool and trendy as gray hair is, the unusual color isn’t for everyone. It depends on your skin and eye color. If you have dark skin, it’s best to keep your hands off gray hair. However, if you’re a lighter type by nature, you won’t go wrong with the gray style. Also, gray hair brings out green and blue eyes. Singers like Anne Marie and Billy Eilish also celebrate the gray look. So both were already seen with gray manes.

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How to prepare hair for gray coloring?

To dye gray hair evenly, it must first be bleached, because “you need an almost white base to get a similar gray tone,” explains Giulia Hiller. The master hairdresser therefore only recommends gray coloring for healthy and well-groomed hair. Because of this, conditioner should be used after every hair wash and more intense treatments, such as a hair treatment, should be used every four to five washes. Regular trimming is also a must.

Dyeing gray hair at home: what you need to consider?

“Bleaching your hair yourself is very risky,” says hairstylist Hiller, “I would always recommend a visit to the hairdresser.” The cool gray effect can also be conjured up by a so-called matting. This method is particularly suitable for those who are not sure, because the mat washes again.

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How do I properly care for dyed gray hair?

Dyeing your hair gray is a burden, intensive care is especially important to ensure it does not become brittle. A silver shampoo helps preserve the silver tinge in your hair. “Silver shampoo is sufficient every two to three hair washes, as it usually also has a drying effect,” says the expert. Even better is therefore a balm with gray or purple pigments, which moisturizes and refreshes the gray cast.

Can you dye dark hair gray?

Regardless of the DIY trend, you should never try to do the entire transformation at home without the help and advice of a professional, especially if you have darker hair. If you have naturally very dark hair, it’s best to stay away from the gray trend anyway. Hairstylist Giulia Hiller says: “If your natural hair color is very dark, it is very harmful, in some cases even impossible, to bleach your hair lightly enough. Then I advise against the gray color.”

But no need to worry! Sooner or later, whether we’re dyeing our hair gray or waiting for the clock to pass, we all have a chance to have that grandma look.

Full look or highlights?

When it comes to how gray your hair should look in the end, it’s obviously mostly a matter of personal preference. Do you want the entire mane to shine in an elegant gray tone or just a few strokes of light? If you wear your hair primarily looking straight and sleek, gray really comes into its own with all-over colouring. If you have wavy hair or tend to curl it, you should go for gray highlights or balayage – gray looks particularly natural and conjures up a beautiful color gradient.

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