Formula 1 – Will Lewis Hamilton break Michael Schumacher’s World Championship record? Jackie Stewart has strong doubts


The overwhelming dominance of the Dutch Red Bull star does not detract from the excitement of Formula 1, according to the 84-year-old. “I don’t find them boring at all”, said Stewart, speaking of a “gigantic” entertainment factor: “Of course, the World Cup is decided, but behind it is close”.

For Verstappen it is a little easier to win several world titles in a row than in his time: “Because there are many more races. When I became world champion for the first time in 1969, we only raced eleven Grands Prix.” The current season ends after 22 races. “With that number, you can afford a bad weekend and still have a shot at the title,” Stewart said.

The Briton does not believe seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton will become world champion again. His compatriot is “one of the best ever to drive in Formula 1”.

“But it’s also true that in the last ten years he’s been competing with Mercedes for a team that was driving almost out of competition,” Stewart said, belying the 38-year-old Hamilton’s “hunger” in recent days: “That’s why, and because the car doesn’t it’s more so powerful, it has serious problems.”

Hamilton’s chances for the title also depend on Mercedes for Stewart. “It’s not impossible, but I still don’t think he’ll make it. And I don’t think that, despite the rumors about Ferrari, he’ll change teams yet,” he said.


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