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The Harz is one of the most beautiful low mountain ranges in Germany. There are countless hiking possibilities for every fitness level. If you want to experience how versatile and diverse nature and landscapes are here, you should plan a tour of several days. TRAVELBOOK author Robin Hartmann was traveling for you.

If you want a vacation that takes you away from everyday life and closer to yourself, you should think about a multi-day excursion. Doing nothing all day but putting one foot in front of the other and marveling at the diversity of nature can be incredibly relaxing. If you embark on such a journey, a lot of effort awaits you, but in the best case also a wonderful relaxation for body and mind. The low Harz mountain range is ideal for beginners on this type of trip.

Located in eastern Germany between Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, the Harz combines the most beautiful and in some cases most spectacular nature of the three federal states. Suitable for truly every fitness level, you will find countless beautiful routes here. The best way to experience how varied and diverse the region really is is with a multi-day tour. Just pack your trekking backpack and shoulder your tent, mat and sleeping bag to experience a feeling of solitude, wilderness and adventure. And actually all of this can still be found in the Harz Mountains, even if the low mountain range has been on the rise since the pandemic at the latest.

Excursion in the Bode valley

The Teufelsmauer is a truly bizarre rock formation and one of the greatest natural wonders of the Harz MountainsPhoto: dpa Picture Alliance/Zoonar/Daniel Kuehne

A possible circular hike begins in the old town of Blankenburg with its magnificent castle. There a path leads from the train station to the so-called Teufelsmauer, a truly bizarre rock formation which extends over a distance of 30 kilometers to Ballenstedt. If you want to start your multi-day hike through the Harz mountains with a bang, you’ve come to the right place. After only a short, steep climb, wonderful far-reaching panoramas open up, making the fields and villages below look like a miniature Bemo landscape. Sure-footedness and a slow pace are top priorities here, and many of the particularly narrow and difficult passageways are protected with railings.

Via several paths you soon reach the mighty sandstone formation “Hamburg coat of arms”, which offers a first opportunity for a rest stop with a wonderful view. From here you can follow the signs to Thale, the path now leads well developed and through fields and meadows into the tourist heart of the Harz Mountains. Here begins the hiking route through the Bodetal, undoubtedly the most spectacular gorge in all of East Germany. Already on the edge of Thale, their hundreds of meters high cliffs rise dramatically, cable cars take visitors to the Rosstrappe and Hexentanzplatz viewpoints.

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A place straight out of a storybook

The Bode shaped the valley of the same name and accompanies long-distance hikers for several daysPhoto: dpa Picture Alliance/Zoonar/Rico Koedder

The signage”The ascent of the Harz witches” The trail now leads along the often rushing Bode River, which has carved the valley into the rock over millions of years. On narrow paths we move at dizzying heights above the river, on the undoubtedly most popular route in the entire Harz. With a little luck, you can still see mouflons here, a species of wild sheep whose climbing prowess puts even the most experienced mountaineers in the shade.

At the foot of the spectacular section of the tour lies the small town of Treseburg, like something out of a storybook. Here hikers can relax in numerous restaurants such as the “floor view“ strengthen, and recently with the “Pension Sternschnuppe“ Also a more modern facility with great food. In addition to the classic rooms, in summer it is also possible to stay overnight in the hammocks, where the managers Jan and his aunt Martina welcome every stranger as a friend. Soon there will also be a small campsite on your property, and all this directly on the quiet course of the Bode, which is perhaps nowhere as beautiful as in Treseburg.

stalactite caves and open pit mines

The Bodetal cable car takes hikers and other guests high above the impressive valleyPhoto: dpa Picture Alliance/Daniel Naupold

The second day of the tour then begins very relaxed with a short hike to the nearby village of Altenbrak, which the poet Theodor Fontane immortalized for its beauty in his works. If you want you can register here locally trout farm treat yourself to a delicious meal or make your own. The path continues along the Bode to the Wendefurth dam, where for the first time majestic panoramas open up that will characterize the tour from now on. Always along the water, you have to overcome numerous, often steep and long climbs, literally make your way up. Even experienced Harz hikers should be exhausted by the end of the day’s stage in the small town of Rübeland.

Rübeland is known beyond the Harz mountains for its two impressive stalactite caves, the Hermannshöhle and the Baumann’s cave. The latter is Germany’s oldest exhibition cave, where, among other things, the skeleton of a primeval bear found here is exhibited. Directly behind the entrance building a steep path now leads to the fields above Rübeland. Dotted with countless species of wildflowers, it’s like walking into an impressionist painting. However, the route also passes through some open pit mines, which stand out like cowherds in stark contrast to the otherwise lovely landscape.

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Follow the stamp signage

View from Agnesberg to Wernigerode castle in autumn. The place is one of the most beautiful in the Harz mountains.Photo: dpa Picture Alliance/image BROKER/Andreas Vitting

Perhaps you have already noticed the many road signs with the stamp motif along the route? These indicate an attraction particularly worth seeing, which can sometimes be slightly off the main route. For example the Büchenberg ore mine, an old mine that can be visited with guided tours. Otherwise today’s route leads over wide forest paths to Wernigerode, one of the medieval pearls of the Harz Mountains. The half-timbered town is crowned by an impressive castle reminiscent of Hogwarts Castle from the “Harry Potter” films. Hungry hikers have countless opportunities to feast here. The place is also ideal for an overnight stay.

On the fourth and final day of the tour there is another tough stretch to overcome. Especially since there is a lot to see along the way. First you pass behind Benzigerode on the wonderful Ziegenberg ridge, a nature reserve with a wonderful 360 degree view over the wide country. From here you can already see Blankenburg again, but a detour to the Regenstein castle ruins definitely recommended. From the rocky plateau where the fortress once stood, you can let your gaze wander endlessly over the green expanse of the landscape.

The best view in the Harz

At over 400 meters high, de Rosstrape is probably the most spectacular viewpoint in the Harz MountainsPhoto: dpa Picture Alliance/Matthias Gamba

Another attraction before returning to the Blankenburg train station are the sandstone caves in the middle of the forest. Nestled among mighty pines, you feel like you’ve landed on a beach. THE official website of the city of Blankenburg according to the ancient Germans, the sandstone caves were used as a meeting place. At the end you can strengthen yourself in the “Jogys Wald-Kneipe” with a delicious pea soup or other hearty dishes.

If you prefer to take it slower and shorter, you can start with a two-day tour. It is no less varied and this time it starts in Thale. From there it takes about an hour to climb steeply up to the Rosstrappe. Probably the most impressive vantage point in the entire Harz. The view extends over the Bodetal, the city of Thale and the wide surrounding countryside. Those who manage to free themselves follow the signs towards Altenbrak and, via wide forest paths, first reach the hamlet of Todtenrode. The local hotel has a small butcher shop, the quality of which is second to none. In Altenbrak there is the aforementioned rest stop at the trout farm, and from here the path continues to Treseburg, which has already been sung about.

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Plan realistically

The next day it goes directly behind the “Pension Sternschnuppe” to a beautiful circular hike. This leads initially steeply through the forest to the beautiful Falkenklippe viewpoint. From there you quickly reach the “Jagdschloss Windenhütte”, where the somewhat expensive but very tasty apple strudel is served. From there it’s literally downhill to what is probably the coolest part of the trail. It runs directly along the Luppbode brook to Treseburg on a path that is often barely a man’s width. Above the village is another great vantage point, the Wilhelmsblick.

If you now feel like lacing up your hiking boots, you should consider one thing. This article is no substitute for careful route planning. Especially the first tour takes you over many differently signposted routes, which is why maps are essential. Also, you should realistically assess your fitness level to enjoy the rides. It is also good to know that each of the phases described can be completed independently of the others. Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s a day trip or a longer hike: In the beautiful Harz Mountains, the path itself is usually the real focus.

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