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Garçon Cut means something like a boy’s haircut. It is a true classic of women’s hairdressing. STYLEBOOK explains exactly what it looks like and gives tips on how best to style and care for the short hairstyle.

The garçon cut first appeared in Hollywood in the 1920s. But the breakthrough came four decades later, when model and style icon Twiggy walked him upside down. This is how the cool cut became a trendy hairstyle that is still extremely popular.

Generally for the garçon cut the sides are shortened, the upper hair remains long. But there are a whole range of ways to cut short hairstyles: strict, with carefully shortened sides and a clear focus on the perfectly shaped top coat, for example. Or very feminine, with a soft, round fringe and top hair that falls loose in front. A third variation is a heavy-duty top coat for an extreme undercut.

Twiggy with Garcon Cut
The model Twiggy already in the 60s wore her hair in a short boyish cut, making the garçon cut a trendy hairstylePhoto: Getty Images

Who suits the short haircut?

The garçon cut looks especially good on women with oval face shapes. The voluminous upper hair is then in beautiful contrast to the shape of the face. But whatever the shape of the face, whoever decides the cut must know that the hairstyle highlights, in addition to the face, also the shape of the head and neck. Women with fine hair especially love the cut. The lush top hairs on the short sides provide an extra dose of volume.

What is the best way to style the garçon cut?


Despite its short length, there are numerous styling options for the boyish haircut. Undone is one of the most popular. Simply knead some wax or salt spray into your hair, apply and you’re done. This looks especially nice with curly hair, but straight hair can also be styled very casually.

From smooth to shiny

The bold and smooth variant also works with the haircut. Just work with a round brush and a hair dryer or straightener. If your hair is straight, accentuate the ends with a little wax. If your hair doesn’t shine on its own, a shine spray can help. If you like it even smoother, yes, even shiny, help yourself with the gel. This is combed into the hair from back to front with a comb. The hairspray sets the look.

Woman with a short haircut
With a little gel and a parting, the garçon cut becomes even more elegantPhoto: Getty Images


If you want to create extra volume on your head with the garçon cut, you can help yourself with highlights. But be careful: the highlights should look very natural. Anything that goes in the direction of loose locks is taboo with this short hairstyle (and actually always). Incidentally, hair mascara also works for short-lived highlights. This can easily be washed again.

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The garçon cut with tuft brings back the style of the 60s. This is modeled with the hair dryer and fixed with wax and lacquer. If you like a clump that randomly crumbles, use salt spray with your blow dryer.

How do I take care of the Garçon Cut?

If you regularly use styling products and hair dryers or straighteners, you should definitely pay attention to a care program. Use shampoos that remove all residues from the hair and care products such as conditioners and hair masks. Also be sure to apply a heat protectant to your hair before blow-drying, otherwise the heat from the blow dryer can damage your hair a lot. If your hair tends to be oily, apply the chosen product (gel, wax, salt spray) possibly only to the ends.

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