These are the most famous free attractions in Europe


If you want to save money when traveling, you can start with the attractions. Many interesting attractions can be explored without having to pay a lot of euros for admission. A study recently identified the most popular attractions with free admission.

Europe is a continent full of rich treasures. In every European country you can find countless interesting places: from museums to natural treasures to centuries-old ruins. Travelers to Europe have a lot to do when they start working on their various attraction lists. And it’s not uncommon for them to spend a large portion of their travel budget in the process. The “Casago” holiday home platform has recently entered a study the most popular free attractions in the world and on different continents. Among other things, a list of the most popular free attractions in Europe has been created.

Bruges in first place

According to Casago, the number one attraction with free admission is located in Bruges (Belgium). This is the Harpist and instrument maker Luc Vanlaere. He always invites you to free 40-minute harp concerts in his premises from Wednesday to Saturday. You don’t have to pay anything, but donations are welcome.

Second place on this list went to the UK, specifically the town of Blaenavon in Wales. Don’t you know them? Well, if you’re into mines, maybe you should check them out. Because in the city there is the Big Pit National Coal Museum, a mining museum housed in a former coal mine. This was operated in the years 1880 to 1980 and then opened as a visitor mine.

The third most popular attraction in the list of European attractions with free admission is the beach. It is located in the Italian municipality of Baunei in Sardinia and is called Cala Mariolu. Located in the natural reserve of the Gulf of Orosei, according to the opinions of travelers on “Tripadvisor”, it is a “dream beach” with emerald green water and fine pebbles. But the beach is not the only major free attraction in Italy. The southern European country occupies four out of ten spots in the top ten free-to-entrance attractions in Europe.

These are the ten most popular free attractions in Europe

  1. Luc Vanlaere Harpist, Bruges (Belgium)
  2. Big Pit National Coal Museum, Blaenavon (Wales)
  3. Cala Mariolu, Sardinia (Italy)
  4. Glacial Lagoon, Jökulsárlón (Iceland)
  5. Gower peninsula, Wales
  6. Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa (Italy)
  7. Menin Gate, Ypres (Belgium)
  8. Cimetière Américain de Normandie, Colleville-sur-Mer (France)
  9. Papal Basilica and Sacred Convent of San Francesco, Assisi (Italy)
  10. Stones of Matera, Matera (Italy)

I study

For its study, the “Casago” vacation rental platform examined the attractions with free admission in individual American states and in 98 other countries around the world. The data is based on the five-star ratings on the travel platform “Tripadvisor”. To do so, in July 2023, the study authors filtered the activity pages of the countries surveyed by attractions with free admission and sorted the results of the first five pages by “travel favourites”. Next, the percentage of top ratings for each attraction by country was calculated and then ranked. The end result is several lists for individual continents and an overview of the most popular free attractions worldwide.

TRAVELBOOK could not figure out the exact procedure because in our opinion the .de and .com pages of “Tripadvisor” did not have the filter option.

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