Emma Watson: Now she too believes in the wrong theory of shoes and at the end of summer 2023 she will wear sandals with a blazer and creased trousers


Emma Watson: Wear flat sandals with a blazer and pleated trousers – according to the wrong shoe theory.

Grand slams, like the US Open, don’t just offer tennis pros the opportunity to help their sporting career reach its ultimate breakthrough. Even for fans of famous sports, the tennis court stands are the perfect place to see and be seen. Attention, which obviously requires an appropriate outfit. This is also the case with actress Emma Watson, who was photographed with a brilliant look at the US Open.

Blazer, pleated trousers and flat sandals: this is how Emma Watson implements the wrong theory of the shoe

Admittedly, the dress codes for attending a prestigious tennis match like the US Open don’t offer much leeway. It is important to observe some (unwritten) standards and rules of style. Classic, elegant and almost reserved? This seems to suit Emma Watson very well, as her other style can also be described with these adjectives.

And so for the US Open, Emma Watson opted for pleated wide-leg trousers and a double-breasted blazer, which she casually draped over her shoulders. She went for a minimalistic and purist style for the white dress and opted for a black top, a black bag and a black belt.

Depending on the occasion, high-heeled shoes, such as classic pumps or sandals, would be fine. Instead, Emma Watson chose flat sandals from The Row, which thanks to their simple design are almost reminiscent of casual beach slippers – and thus perfectly implement the currently popular wrong shoe theory, in which the supposedly wrong shoes are deliberately chosen for an outfit , to make the look more interesting and also more elegant by changing the style.

Casual flat sandals create a great style break with Emma Watson’s elegant outfit.


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