Carnival party: 6 tips for the Carnival party


Carnival party
With these 6 tips your carnival party will be a complete success

The child is dressed as a clown and is happy about it

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The fifth season is approaching and with it the opportunity to organize a carnival party. With our advice you will be able to organize an unforgettable party for small and large guests.

Whether carnival, carnival or carnival: in the traditional Carnival week, which begins with the Women’s Carnival and ends with Ash Wednesday, jokes are on the loose. If you don’t want to get involved with other fools, you can simply organize the carnival party within your own four walls. Here we will tell you how you can do it and what you should think about.

1. Confetti rain: no party without an invitation

Anyone who organizes a carnival party must participate Invitation cards for your guests think. Are you throwing a themed party where everyone should dress up in a specific costume? If so, this is best reflected in your self-made card. Basically, you can’t go wrong with a confetti-covered card and a cute phrase.

2. Colorful carnival, more colorful: carnival decoration for the party

Streamers, balloons, confetti and garlands – the decorations for the carnival party cannot be colorful and playful enough. Take advantage of it – true to the motto: there is no such thing as too much. You can also get horns, hats and soap bubbles for the party guests. They capture attention in a special way Vases of flowers dressed in confetti. Simply use washed jam jars, which you spray first with glue and then with confetti. Alternatively, you can brush the glass with glue and then roll it in confetti.

3. From sweet to savory: snacks for Carnival guests

What shouldn’t be missing at Carnival? Clearly: Donut. Also called pancakes, creatures, cakes, hats or donuts. If you prepare the famous fried pastries yourself, you can also fill them with mustard. If you’re unlucky, take it.

Hearty snacks such as burgers, party bread, pizza sandwiches and muffins are also popular at Carnival. The highlight for children is this Crunching of confettiwhich you can also prepare yourself. It’s quick to make and plaster even faster. You can find more here Snacks for children.

4. Cool Drinks: Colorful drinks for celebration

In addition to delicious snacks, you can also There’s no shortage of good drinks at the carnival party. While adults love to indulge in an alcoholic drink or two at Carnival, there are also excellent children’s cocktails for the little ones. The alternatives to mocktails will obviously also appeal to expectant mothers and breastfeeding mothers, as well as people who want to avoid alcohol.

5. Absolute must-have: party costumes for young and old

What shouldn’t be missing from a nice Carnival party? Of course: costumes! Whether princess, prince, superhero or clown: there are no limits to creativity. Either you buy costumes in advance for the whole family or you create your own DIY costume. If you want to dress up as Pippi Longstocking, all you need is a green t-shirt, a yellow dress with a striped pattern, a green and an orange knee-high sock and black boots. Secure your hair with thread. Here is even more inspiration: the most beautiful carnival costumes for your little ones.

6. Mood Cannon: music and games for the carnival party

And last but not least: to avoid boredom, a real carnival party also includes good music and the right games. In addition to current hits, carnival classics such as “Viva Colonia”, “Der Ententanz”, “Que sera sera” or “Polonäse Blankenese” should not be missing. Kids have fun with games like this Stop dancing, a chocolate kissing contest or a balloon obstacle course.


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