Hello Wellness: Because I no longer feel like self-optimization in January


Well-being is very important in January. In reality we don’t have to change.

So, how are you doing in this sad month? January seems inevitably associated with the idea of ​​developing a daily routine again, bringing body and mind back into balance and uniting the two. I can imagine that some of you are seeking spiritual change, working through an app or journal, always hoping that mental nirvana is not far away.

In January we try to optimize ourselves

Some of us could even do a digital detox and avoid screens like vampires avoid light (if you’re that type, thanks for reading this article anyway – maybe in print?). The end of the year always seems to be a stimulus to change something. Whether it’s portion sizes, the number of carbs, whether or not we consume refined sugar, and how often we go to the gym per week.

Couldn’t we all use a burger right now?

Recently as I was scrolling through photos from the Golden Globes with a green juice in hand and an inch-thick hydrating mask on my face, a thought came to mind. One photo in particular attracted a lot of attention: Paul Giamatti, winner of Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical, enjoying a burger at In-N-Out after the event. The golden trophy was in the middle of a pile of French fries. I’m happy he won the award and his tuxedo looks great, but, sorry, the burger looks better. Now that we’re deep into our New Year’s resolutions, I can’t help but wonder: couldn’t we all use a burger?

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Maybe we should just follow our desires

After all, honestly, nothing tastes better than simply eating whatever you want. I know we’re committed to “new year, new me” – but what if the old me just wants a tasty snack? What if my body just needs a perfect burger? I would also like to be plant-based, I have no problems with Veganuary. What if your body wasn’t designed for ketosis and instead craves a lightly grilled brioche? A meatball paired with pickled cucumber? Two square-shaped slices of cheese? What would a boring winter be without a little gravy, a little glazed onion, a little supersizing, a little extra salt? Sometimes your body needs a fatty, over-processed burger, even though it might throw your digestion off balance. Who among us can really resist the temptation of the January burger?

There’s no reason to force yourself to do wellness in January

I understand. We are conditioned, especially at this time of year, to examine ourselves and optimize ourselves to fulfill ourselves. We often pay disproportionately for excess and treats during the holidays. I understand that January feels like an annual reset, but why do we keep wanting to change ourselves? This is tiring, boring and time consuming. I don’t know what your intentions were, but maybe we could all cut ourselves a little slack. Just loosen the reins of restrictions. Don’t want to eat something that is not in the diet plan? I know excess isn’t good for you at the end of the day, but I assure you there’s still room for a quick burger on the way home.

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