Diego Pooth is a model at Milan Fashion Week


Friday on February 23 the time has come: designer Philip Plein will present his new collection in Milan. Many famous models walk the catwalk for the label: at the forefront? Verona Pooth’s eldest son San Diego Poot.

San Diego Pooth models at Milan Fashion Week

What a career move! Verona Pooth has every reason to be proud of her San Diego son. The 20-year-old moved to Florida in 2021 to begin his career as a professional golfer. To earn some extra money, the 55-year-old’s son signed his contract with the “Elite” modeling agency some time ago.

Now the most important event of his young modeling career is about to arrive: he will be able to be on the Milan Fashion Week run for the designer Philipp Plein. Oh! His mother can hardly believe that her son has such a great professional opportunity. In front of RTL Verona reveals: “I think I’m going to have a heart attack from the joy and excitement.”

Diego Poot: profile

Verona Pooth is very well known throughout Germany and her children are also known to the public. Check out the current photos of his eldest son, San Diego At first you are surprised at how big it has become.

Verona Pooth’s son was on camera at the beginning, but who is San Diego Pooth actually? We have a summarized in a small profile.

  • Surname: San Diego Pooth (Diego for short)
  • Age: 20 years old (born September 10, 2003)
  • To measure: 1.92m
  • Parents: Verona Pooth and Franjo Pooth
  • Profession: Professional golfer and model

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