Blue cards as innovation in football: those who respect the rules defend themselves from criticism: “Too exaggerated”


The behavior of “players and coaches, on the reserve benches, but also of fans or parents in the youth sector” is “a big problem”.

The idea is “about time penalties that are already used in the youth and amateur sectors of some countries,” Brud said on Saturday before the IFAB annual general meeting: “If time penalties in professional football have the desired effect and are wanted by the protagonists must be determined. We will just observe.”

A procedure could therefore be introduced according to which, after a certain signal, only captains can communicate with the referee.

“This is a bad habit”

“This siege, insult and protest from all sides is a bad habit that occurs regularly at the highest levels before everyone’s eyes and which is unfortunately copied at a popular level and especially by children and young people,” Brud said.

In future captains will have to “ensure that the rest of the team distances themselves from the referee in such situations before possible sanctions”.

The rules committee includes four representatives from the global FIFA association, plus one representative each from the associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Decisions on rule changes and testing phases are made by majority vote.


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