The “Bergdoktor” star through the ages


Hans Sigl: That’s how it all started

The actor “Bergdoktor”, originally from Styria, Austria, began his career in theater. After his civil service he decided to train as an actor. First in Austria, then in Bremen to work at the Bremer Shakespeare. Kurze Company Some time later, Hans Sigl was the first small television appearance pull to the ground. He appeared in famous German series such as “Komisar Rex”, “Marienhof” and “SOKO-Kitzbühel”.

In 2008 he achieved his breakthrough with his Main role as Dr. Martin Gruber, “the mountain doctor”, is still in front of the camera today for the successful ZDF series.

Here you can find out 10 surprising facts about Hans Sigl and the ZDF series “Der Bergdoktor”

Hans Sigl: Everything about the actor’s private life

Things couldn’t be better for Hans Sigl in his personal life. He is married to his wife Susanne. Hans Sigl himself says it was love at first sight. Here are 9 facts about his wife Susanne Sigl. From a previous relationship with the actress Katja Keller, whom he met and loved during the production of the television series “Marienhof”, a daughter was born together. From his first marriage to Katja Keller he brought with him his stepdaughter Joana and his son Nepomuk Jim into his new marriage to Susanne Sigl. He also brought two sons, Niklas and Jonas, into the Patchwork family.

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