“Bonding without burnout” and Co.: 5 books for mothers for greater calm


“Bond without burnout” and co.
These 5 books give mothers more serenity

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You are not alone! Other mothers also often fail in everyday family life due to their high demands. For International Women’s Day, we bring you five good books by moms that inspire you to be calmer.

As a mother, do you often feel overloaded or insecure and are tormented by a guilty conscience for not being balanced, attentive or committed enough? Welcome to the club! Many moms feel the same way you do. Even those whose lives seem so simple on Instagram. And why this intuition alone is often enough Balm for the soul On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we present to you five good books by mothers that challenge these excessive expectations of mothers and inspire you to be calmer.

Some of them give to you concrete advice How you can get more rest and at the same time raise your child in a loving and needs-oriented way. Others just take it a lot Self-irony and humor the severity of stressful problems. Either way, they’re a well-deserved break from mom’s daily life, they entertain and broaden her horizons, so she puts her feet up and enjoy reading.

1. “Bonding Without Burnout” by Nora Imlau

Better to be happy than perfect, needs-oriented Nora Imlau describes in her latest guide how parenting can be successful without ending up in burnout “Bond without burnout: accompanying children with care without getting burned”. Because yes, bonding is wonderful, but with a demanding attitude constantly looming over parents’ heads, it’s also incredibly exhausting. And parents can admit this to themselves and make things easier for themselves in many situations. Because, according to the attitude of the book, the more generous you are and less hard on yourself, the more kind and friendly you can be with your children. In this book there are many concrete ideas for a more relaxed daily family life, personal examples and scientifically based information.

2. “Mom Can’t Take It Anymore” by Julia Knörnschild

While Nora Imlau wants to help parents not to burn out, the author and influencer Julia Knörnschild tells it in her bestseller “Mom can’t take it anymore: how I never imagined being a parent: with burnout in the clinic” from this same experience. Her children are still young when in the summer of 2022 she goes to a day clinic with burnout depression. In this book she poignantly yet humorously describes how she copes with her subsequent diagnosis of burnout, ADHD, and anxiety disorder and what insights and consequences she draws from it for her motherhood.

3. “I love MY CHILDREN they are killing me” by Marlene Hellene

“Other mothers always have everything better under control.” Thus begins the new book by writer and blogger Marlene Hellene, which immediately hits the mark. And so there it is “I love MY CHILDREN they are killing me: maternal feelings from ah to ah” many moments in which tears of joy and desperation intertwine and in which some mothers can laughingly say: “It’s exactly like that!”. With a pinch of humor and the feeling that others feel the same way, the guilty conscience that every mother carries with her every day is much easier to bear.

4. “Mama Fatale: Confessions of a Guardian” by Eva Karl Faltermeier

There is also a lot of humor and self-deprecation in it “Mama Fatale: Confessions of a Guardian” by the journalist and cabaret artist Eva Karl Faltenmeier. Because having and raising children is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, but the stress traps that this constantly creates for young parents are also an inexhaustible source of absurd stories. How to survive the first year with a baby amid monotony and overwhelm? Or a gastrointestinal infection during a wellness holiday? Eva Karl Faltermeier describes typical situations with a lot of humor, radical pragmatism and the reassuring message that every obstacle in the way can be overcome even without perfection!

5. “We have all been the same for a long time!” by Alexandra Zykunov

“You’re lucky that your husband helps you so much around the house!”, “Don’t you miss your son when you go away alone?” – Shitty phrases like these, which only mothers but rarely fathers hear, are used by journalist and mother of two Alexandra Zykunov as an opportunity to write in her book “We have all been the same for a long time!” to demonstrate that patriarchy is far from extinct and that certain beliefs continue to have an effect even in those of us who consider ourselves emancipated. With wit, wit and a lot of study, Zykunov makes complex power structures easy to understand and makes you want to tear them down.

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