“New stories from Pumuckl”: second season confirmed – Munich


There’s still a lot for Pumuckl to do: throw things down, write poetry, annoy people. It should therefore be a great pleasure to him that its creators and their financiers have decided that the “New Pumuckl Stories” should continue.

That was the name of the 2023 remake of the popular family television series about the lovable, cheeky goblin and his human master Eder. Florian Brückner played the nephew of master carpenter Franz Eder (Gustl Bayrhammer) in the 13-part series; Hans Clarin’s technically reconstructed goblin voice in combination with Maxi Schafroth’s voice received great attention.

After the great critical and ratings success, it is now clear: there will be a second season. The Bavarian Film and Television Fund (FFF) recently expressed its support for the corresponding project. The tried and tested elements should be retained: Marcus H. Rosenmüller will direct once again, the Munich company Neuesuper will produce and the screenplays will come from Korbinian Dufter but also from Matthias Pacht, Katharina Köster and Julian Witt. Filming takes place entirely in Bavaria. There is talk in the industry that new episodes won’t appear until 2025.

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