The most beautiful models for spring and summer


Sandals are simply part of our fashionable outfit on warm spring and summer days. They can be flat, with a high heel or with pretty straps: the important thing is that the elegant shoes are comfortable and attract attention.

So that your feet are well ventilated AND fashionable during the warm seasons, we have them here for you our favorite must-have sandals listed for quick purchases. Do you prefer delicate strappy sandals or do you prefer chunky wedge pieces? H&M, Other Stories and Co. have great designs up their sleeves. Happy browsing!

These sandals are suitable for every woman in spring and summer

Are you ready to give your shoe rack a spring clean? We do! That’s why boots, boots, etc. they are finally disappearing into the basement and being replaced by sandals and sneakers. Yay! Now the selection of sandal models is huge, and even experienced fashionistas quickly lose track of them current trends. That’s why we bring you fashionable sandals that will pay off for several seasons. Careful!

Ugg sandals

Our must have for spring and summer is this UGG sandal called GOLDENSTAR with casual platform sole. The light brown shade offers countless combination possibilities and becomes a simple eye-catcher on your feet. Furthermore, the platform sole lengthens the legs immeasurably. We love!

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