Apple lawsuit: former employee passed on confidential information


Apple filed a lawsuit against former employee Andrew A. in a California court in March 2024. The company accuses the former iOS software developer of passing confidential information to journalists and employees of other tech companies over a period of five years. This reports, among other things MacRumors. According to the lawsuit, Apple is seeking more than $25,000 in damages.


Since 2016, Andrew A. has been a developer working on optimizing iOS battery performance, among other things. This allowed him to learn about the company’s numerous unpublished projects.

The statement of claim According to reports, the developer shared more than half a dozen product details and other information via his work iPhone. These include the Journal app, which had not yet been announced at the time, the Vision Pro headphones, as well as development guidelines and employee numbers. He himself stressed that the information was strictly confidential.

The indictment provides some concrete examples: In April 2023, the former employee allegedly provided a Wall Street Journal reporter by telephone with a list of completed features for the Journal app. She also sent the journalist known as “Homeboy” more than 1,400 messages using the encrypted messenger Signal. The developer is also said to have sent over 10,000 text messages to a journalist from the website The Information and met with her several times.

Screenshot of a messaging app

Screenshot of a messaging app

A screenshot shown in the lawsuit is said to prove contact with a WSJ reporter.

(Image: Statement of Claim: Apple, Inc. v. Andrea A.)

According to Apple’s assessment, the former developer acted in a broad and targeted manner. He allegedly admitted to sharing the information to prevent possible products and features that he didn’t agree with. The company claims its actions led to at least five articles dealing with confidential information. Public revelations would have hampered Apple’s ability to surprise and delight with new products.

According to its own information, Apple became aware of the former iOS developer’s misconduct towards the end of 2023 and fired him in December. At a hearing in November 2023, he is said to have initially denied the allegations. During a trip to the bathroom, he deleted a significant amount of evidence from his work iPhone, including the Signal app he used to communicate with “Homeboy.” According to Apple, in December 2023 the developer at least admitted to the charges for which he was unable to destroy any evidence.

An out-of-court settlement failed due to the former employee’s reluctance to cooperate. Apple is seeking damages, the amount of which will be determined in court. The indictment mentions at least $25,000. Apple considers the developer an ongoing threat based on his behavior and contacts with people at other tech companies and journalists.


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