What do you give to 1 year olds? 12 ideas that give pleasure for a long time


Are you looking for a suitable gift for a 1 year old boy? Among a herd of colorful stuffed animals and all kinds of puzzles, the big question arises: what are really meaningful gifts for children from the age of 1? Here you will find beautiful gift ideas that will bring joy for more than five minutes and will accompany your child through different stages of development.

On the 1st birthday many parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts want to give their child a beautiful and lasting gift. However, some wonder: Does a 1 year old need gifts? Will he consciously remember it? The answer is no. However, gifts can make anyone feel good, and that’s what matters. It doesn’t matter how big or small, expensive or cheap the first birthday gift is.

What makes a good gift for 1 year olds?

Especially with young children, less is more. Why one The mass of new toys quickly leads to overwhelm. If the gift isn’t meant for your child, it can be helpful to ask the parents what they would like and what they already have. So the third, fourth or fifth push animal does not have to move into the children’s room with the first birthday.

It may even be less in toy design. Leave drawings simple, not too detailed Space for children’s imagination and endless play possibilities. So can one good long lasting gift for 1 year with grow with the child’s abilities.

Since 1-year-olds explore things not only with their hands but also with their mouths, toys must be free from harmful substances, sharp edges and small parts that can be swallowed. Instructions from the toy manufacturer and GS quality seal provide confidence in choosing a suitable gift.

We have 12 Gift ideas for children from 1 year put together, which not only bring joy to the little ones, but also to their parents for a long time.

Sound elements of Eichhorn – a sensory experience

Sound elements of Eichhorn are popular classics and combine two play experiences: rattle and bricks. The twelve wooden building blocks make different sounds: a delightful ringing of bells, jingling of balls or squeaking. With their bright colors and different tactile sensations, they appeal to all of your baby’s senses. Made of high-quality linden wood with water-based paints, the solid bricks pass almost all strength tests.

Walkers – not just for first steps

Pull yourself up, hang on, and go: the rugged one Walker Pinolino Uli it offers your child a secure hold when they try to walk for the first time and increases their range of motion within their own four walls. With the brake system, the speed of the stroller can be adjusted steplessly and without tools to your child’s needs. The rubber wheels roll silently on the floor of the house. Thanks to the simple design and the loading area, the walker can also be used later as a shopping or doll buggy and endlessly loaded and unloaded on discovery tours. (You can find more models in our baby walker comparison.)

Green Toys submarine bathtub toy

Made of 100% recycled plastic, non-toxic and with its vintage look, that’s it Submarine from Green Toys a durable bath toy. It has a rotating rear propeller and can be used to draw and sprinkle water, which is very convenient for washing hair. Without screws, without glue and in an environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, it is a well thought out product for children and together with a delicate bath foam is one washing glove A great gift idea for 1 year olds.

Amazed eyes of children guaranteed: finger puppet

Get a little nursery rhyme or story, a cute little finger puppet like that Sterntaler Kasper finger puppet and a little talent for improvisation – and the result: amazed eyes of children, pricked ears and maybe even a desire for an encore. Even the little ones are fascinated by a finger puppet, a simple and loving gift idea for 1 year old boys and girls.

Much more than a tower: stackable cubes

Build and topple towers, sort, stack, fill or align cubes next to each other and see the fun farm motifs: the Stacking tower from HABA It offers countless play opportunities for young children aged 1 and over. What few people know: stackable towers (der pink tower) are among the most important learning materials in Montessori pedagogy and are therefore very valuable beyond childhood. Size differences can be experienced by your child in all dimensions. By building towers, your child playfully challenges their dexterity and tolerance for frustration.

Versatile Montessori toy from 1 year: wooden train

THE All Kids United wooden train combines plug-in game, vehicle and Montessori learning toy. At the same time, it is a versatile alternative to the popular pull toy. The design is simple and timeless, the materials harmless. 1-year-olds can take the train apart and figure out how to wind it up and put it back together again. This not only trains their motor skills, but also their stamina. When the child is older, he can name the different shapes and colors and count the quantities.

Ingenious and versatile: Moluk’s “Hix” silicone cone

So simple, so ingenious and award-winning: these four small, changeable Hix silicone cone from the Swiss family company Moluk come to life in your child’s hands: your child explores the shapes and their structure with the small grooves and holes, squeezes the pins, holds them, throws them or stacks them. Eventually, your child will discover that he can flip and nest the cones into different shapes. This is how creative towers and fantastic structures are created. They are later used for role-playing games such as hats, ice cream cones or water games and offer endless play possibilities – for years and even from 12 months. The pins are silent, light, made of food grade silicone and dishwasher safe.

Gifts for 1 year olds – not toys, but great joy

But it doesn’t always have to be a toy for a first birthday or Christmas. With reading material, a small personal gift or something practical for everyday life, you can not only make the child happy, but also the parents.

For the first attempts at painting: “Honey Sticks” beeswax crayons.

Produced with respect for the environment and ideal for little hands of small children who want to put their first works of art on paper: the Honey sticks with beeswax crayons. The twelve crayons are made with 100% pure beeswax and are a safe choice if they end up in your child’s mouth. Along with a drawing pad, crayons make a nice first birthday gift that isn’t a toy but will still make your child’s creative mind very happy.

Children’s books as a gift for 1 year olds

It is and will remain one of most meaningful gift ideas for 1st birthday or at Christmas: an illustrated book. Watching and reading promotes your child’s perception, attention and language development and is just plain fun. How about these books?

“The Wimmelbuch Forest with a picture of Vicky Bo” is a hidden object book that builds page after page. Start with an almost blank page. As if by magic, every time you turn the page, new details are added. A tree here, an animal there, until finally a lively forest scene with lots of plants and animals emerged. “Vicky Bo’s one-picture hidden object book forest” is a great gift for 1-year-olds to introduce them to the world of hidden object books.

“stop scratching your ears” it’s a classic for the daily evening ritual: put the baby rabbit to bed. Pajamas are put on with a clap. Then quickly stroking the pillow, scratching his ears, stroking his back, covering himself up and kissing him goodnight. In this loving practical book, reading in the evening becomes an experience for the little ones – and at the same time they internalize their own evening routine. You can find more books for 1 year olds here.

Personal 1st birthday gift: fabric photo album

A small cloth book with the faces of your loved ones – this cute little one Photo album from Die Spiegelburg one is made of embroidered fabric Special gift idea for 1 year old boys and girls. Each page of this colorful fabric album has a different motif, providing the perfect place for your favorite photos. Grandparents, aunts, uncles or dear friends who live far away are also present in your child’s daily life. This photo album is also a loving companion for acclimating to kindergarten or as a small comfort album with photos of parents, home and familiar places.

Practical gift for every day: plates, cutlery and bibs

Around their 1st birthday, young children learn to eat alone at the family table like grown-ups. So that the dish and its contents do not end up on the floor during meals, the mushie silicone plate can be attached to smooth and clean surfaces with its suction cup. So nothing slips and your child can deal with it every day Spoon and fork practice. Made in Denmark, the plates are made from food grade silicone and are dishwasher and microwave safe. The simple colors keep the focus on the essentials: the food. THE silicone mushie bib with drip tray saves valuable bits of food and clothing alike. With the right cutlery, cups and children’s cups bowl This is a practical but beautiful birthday gift that is used every day.

A lasting gift for 1-6 year olds: climbing arch

Sure, a climbing arch is a bigger investment, but that makes many other toys obsolete because they do until the end of kindergarten It is funny. THE Ehrenkind’s climbing arch it offers secure support for the first attempts to get up and promotes the safety of movements, coordination and sense of balance of the child. With the first attempts and successes of climbing, the child’s self-confidence and body awareness grow. As a swing, cave, tunnel or playhouse, the climbing arch is a versatile companion for movement and play at home. When folded, it can be placed even in small apartments. The Ehrenkind climbing arch was awarded the “Spiel gut” seal and is made from natural and sustainable materials discreetly produced. With the right one sliding board the climbing frame can be extended. The non-toxic one is recommended Non-slip crawling matwhich absorbs minor mishaps and keeps the bow in place.

You can find more gift ideas for children here:

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