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Stream “And Just Like That” – Watch Season 2 First!

After six seasons of “Sex and the City” and two feature films, the story of friends Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York Goldenblatt and Samantha Jones continued with the spin-off “And Just Like That”. The first season was released last year and fans are currently eagerly awaiting the sequel. Find out where to stream season 2 now here.

What happens in “That’s right”?

The spin-off “And Just Like That” is set in the present day and begins in a sense with the tragic death of Mr. Big and the memorial service. In addition to Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda (Samantha is no longer part of the cast and is present only intermittently in the first season via text contact with Carrie), familiar faces such as Anthony, Steve, Brady, Harry and Charlotte’s daughters Lily and Rose are returned, as well as new characters such as Che Diaz, Dr. Nya Wallace and Lisa Todd Wexley. In the second season, Samantha will make another appearance and an old love of Carrie is about to blossom again. You can read more information and all the details about Season 2 here:

Stream “And Just Like That” – Watch Seasons 1 & 2 here

The new season of “And Just Like That” will be released on June 22nd. The eleven episodes are broadcast weekly in Germany on Thursdays from 9.00am on Sky and can be streamed with the appropriate subscription, with the first two episodes appearing in a double pack and available on Sky with the subscription” Entertainment Plus”. In the United States, the series airs on HBO Max.

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