Wearing black in summer: style tips in the heat

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Wearing black in the summer? It may sound like a guaranteed sweat, but it’s actually a good idea. STYLEBOOK explains why and contains other style tips to stay cool in hot weather.

Black clothes – better than light ones in summer

Black keeps you cool in summer

Black clothing provides needed cooling on hot days. Sounds funny, but that’s how it is. It is true that black heats up in the sun in summer. Eventually, though, color accelerates the body’s cooling process, precisely because it absorbs more heat. You sweat faster in black than in white, but that’s precisely why the body cools down faster.

Integrated UV protection

And another plus: dark clothing reflects some of the sun’s dangerous UV radiation, making it about 97% harmless, and therefore offers better protection against possible sunburn than light-colored clothing. White clothing, on the other hand, doesn’t charge as much with heat, but it does let about 40 percent of harmful UV rays through. With white clothing, sunscreen is also mandatory under clothing.

These are the right materials in hot weather

Breathable natural fibers are particularly recommended in summer. Cotton, linen or silk feel comfortable on the skin in high temperatures and also absorb sweat. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, insulate the skin and ensure that heat builds up underneath in summer.

Go for loose cuts

The right cut for black clothing in summer: oversized. The airy cut pieces hug the skin and allow air to circulate for a cooling effect. Whether tunics, kaftans, petticoats or palazzo pants – of course in black – the casual summer look with large parts is not only a fashionable highlight, but also very functional.

You can also use cutouts, eyelet lace, or crochet looks to ensure some draft while still showing off some skin in an elegant way. So every outfit is guaranteed to be stylish and perfect for a hot summer day. It is important not to go overboard with the details, otherwise the look can quickly appear overloaded.

Break out the black clothes with colorful accessories

If the all black look is a little too harsh for you, you can use colorful accessories. This is how black is decomposed in summer and made suitable for holidays. It’s also the perfect opportunity to experiment with different bags, shoes or jewelry – they really look their best in an otherwise black outfit.

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