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Important to know: If you let the painted nails cure under the LED lamp, it can be a bit tight. This is because the viscous consistency solidifies during curing and, according to Landtrachtinger, “the varnish contracts so quickly that the nail usually cannot keep up. Depending on how stable the nail is, it can be a little more or less.” You may also be more sensitive to pain during your menstrual cycle and therefore feel more prickling, but this is different for every body. Expert Tip: If you feel a tugging sensation during a manicure, simply take your hands away for a moment and then place them back under the LEDs.

How long do Biab Nails last?

Compared to Shellac or gel polish, Biab Nails last much longer. A manicure with the methods mentioned usually lasts two weeks, while Biab gel can stay on the nails for three to six weeks, according to the expert, and thus promote healthy regrowth, which is especially beneficial for thin nails. Due to the viscous consistency, the paint adheres particularly well and can even last until it has fully grown, says Landtrachtinger.

Can Biab nails be filled?

Yes, Biab Nails can be refilled. This ability distinguishes them from shellac and gel nails, which must be removed and reapplied with every manicure. You don’t even have to remove old polish to fill in a Biab manicure. The bases of the nails are repainted and leveled with the existing varnish. To do this, the top coat is milled into the edge that has grown out, the new nail is roughened with a buffer, repainted and connected to the “old” nail polish, as the expert explains to us in an interview. On the one hand, this has the advantage that the manicure does not have to be removed and the nail is protected, and on the other hand, the filling is faster than painting completely new Biab nails. Logically, however, the hue cannot be changed while filling.

How can Biab Nails be removed again?

If you want to remove shellac or gel polish from your nails, methods with electric filing or milling devices are usually used in the salon. This can be counterproductive, especially with thin and vulnerable nails, as they become even more brittle and, in the worst case, tear. Here too Biab Nails offers a remedy, because the removal is much more gentle and is removed with the help of a more delicate ceramic cutter. The nail polish can also be removed with the so-called soak-off method with acetone-containing nail polish remover, which simply takes a little longer.

The 11 most important benefits of Biab nails

  1. Biab nails are more delicate and can be especially beneficial for thin, brittle nails, as they adhere very well and allow them to regrow in a healthy way.
  2. The gel is suitable for all nail types and lengths and can be used to strengthen the nail, shape the nails, lengthen the nails or regenerate them.
  3. Even if the classic nail polish is transparent or formulated in a light shade, it can be combined with other colored nail polishes, allowing you to create individual and creative nail designs without stressing the nail.
  4. Biab gel can be removed without filing and milling using the soak-off method. In addition, a gentle ceramic cutter is used for removal, which does not put too much strain on the nail.
  5. A manicure or pedicure with Biab can be refreshed without having to remove old polish.
  6. The Biab method lasts relatively longer than shellac or gel polish, sometimes three to six weeks.
  7. The paint can be applied without a base coat and is therefore finished much faster after the paint coat and top coat.
  8. Instead of a UV lamp, Biab is cured with an LED lamp, which is not only less harmful, but also works faster.
  9. Thanks to the long wear, Biab can help your nails grow back healthy, long and tear-free – without artificial nail extensions.
  10. Additionally, Biab nail polish can also help break the habit of nail biting and allow a healthy nail to grow back.
  11. Unlike Shellac, Biab colors from “The Gel Bottle” are vegan and not tested on animals.

Where are Biab Nails produced?

A Biab manicure or pedicure is performed in beauty centers that have the special nail polish in their range. You can also book Biab manicures in selected “Dashl” branches, according to Sonja Landtrachtinger, who also reveals that a new manicure with Biab usually takes 30 to 40 minutes and costs “44 euros to 60 euros, depending on the city”. However, the durability also depends on whether a previous manicure has to be removed or the nails are first repainted with Biab. However, the filling works even faster, according to Sonja Landtrachtinger, in about 25 to 30 minutes.

Biab Nails in the test – a conclusion

VOGUE editor Sina Petri tried the popular nail trend with Biab: “I’m very excited. Since I have very thin and brittle nails, it’s always difficult for me to find a suitable manicure that doesn’t damage the nail further. In the past I’ve tried Shellac and UV nail polish, for example, which felt like my nails were getting thinner with each application – I was also looking for a long-lasting manicure that doesn’t cure with the UV will.”

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