9 reasons why black clothes always work

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Black is timeless and beneficial, you are always impeccably dressed and never dressed wrong. Because that’s how it is? STYLEBOOK knows the answer!

“Black wins over everything”, the great Coco Chanel knew it and preferred to wrap herself in non-colour. No wonder that hardly any designer can do without the quintessential classic color in her collections and that celebrities love black dresses on the red carpet. After all, no other color is so sophisticated and elegant, has so much power and depth, without being intrusive.

Black looks good on everyone

It’s not good, it doesn’t exist! It doesn’t matter how old you are, what skin tone or what color your eyes and hair are, black dresses suit every woman. Whether it’s all black or just one piece, you’ll never go wrong.

Hidden black clothing

It hides little love handles around your stomach, hips and buttocks swallowing shadows and making everything look smoother. Pay attention to modeling materials with elastic content.

Black looks serious

The trend color stands for seriousness and a claim to power, e.g. B. in this look: black pencil skirt, black turtleneck, over a black coat. Voila, a business look with which you always look good.

Black can be combined well

Just as black clothing suits every type of woman, black naturally suits all other colors as well. Whether it’s pastels, earth tones, bright colors or white, black gets along well with all other colors. The absolute hit combination for elegant occasions: black with metallic nuances.

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Black is seasonal

Can black only be worn in winter? Wrong! In high temperatures, use light, airy fabrics such as silk or lightweight cotton. And with tanned skin, black looks just great.

Black is the perfect partner for layering

mix and match? Perfect for color! The more diverse the materials and surfaces, the better. This gives your outfit more depth and structure.

Black clothes are practical

Do you only eat sandwiches for lunch because you are afraid of messing up? This cannot happen with black, because the stains are barely noticeable on black clothes.

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Black dresses love accessories

If the outfit is reserved, you can tap into the full range of accessories. Chains, bracelets or brooches in gold, silver or, more recently, copper, go perfectly with black dresses or pantsuits. Pearl jewelry fits too, thanks to Coco Chanel, who made the look famous. The most seductive combination, however: black and diamonds!

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Black is versatile

Sophisticated cuts, cutouts and extravagant details like sheer lace inserts look seductive and sexy in black. Geometric cut lines and heavy materials give black clothing a tough, stylish statement. And classic, understated silhouettes are simply chic—think little black dress.

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