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Glowing skin that looks sun-kissed: this is what many of us desire, especially in late summer. But if you prefer to avoid the sun to protect your skin (very commendable!) or just want to help, you should take a closer look at the “Golden Hour Make-up”. STYLEBOOK explains what defines the beauty trend and how to do makeup easily.

One of the best things about late summer is the golden hour. The hour just before sunset or after sunrise bathes the world in a warm golden light and provides the perfect opportunity for selfies. Unfortunately, because we rarely live our lives based on when would be the best time for beautiful photos, there is now a trend that allows us to appear bathed in sparkling light all day long: the “golden hour trick”. . .

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How to do the “golden hour trick”

As the name already suggests, the “Golden Hour Make-up” serves to give our skin a naturally warm glow, like in the golden hour, for which it is famous. Bronzes, gilded and glittering. Best of all: the makeup popularized by TikTok can be easily created.

The basis is good skin care

Start with facial care. Moisturizer plumps fine lines and smoothes the skin, while vitamin C serums are known for their brightening effect. Then go to makeup. Or not, because the “Golden Hour Make-up” is characterized by the greatest possible naturalness. If you can, avoid foundation altogether and instead use concealer to even out dark circles and blemishes.

Multifunctional primer instead of foundation

A good primer can also help, which can do much more than just be a base for makeup. Whether it’s pore-reducing with a blurring effect, redness-soothing properties or shimmering particles, the choice is wide and allows you to find the right one for every skin type and condition.

With a little blush and bronzer on your cheeks, chin and hairline, you can bring that summery feel to your look. Finally, use a golden highlighter, which you apply to all areas that would naturally be kissed by the sun: under the eyebrows, high on the cheeks, on the bridge of the nose or just above the arch of the lips.

Eyes and lips in the “Golden Hour Makeup”

When it comes to eye makeup, you can go with the natural look and wear only mascara and highlighter on the inner corner of the eye, or you can go for an all-gold look. For this you need a golden eyeshadow, which you apply all over the mobile lid and blend towards the eyebrows. Similar to a crease cut, place the lightest highlighter in the center of the mobile eyelid. Add mascara and eyeliner to your liking and you have the impressive “Golden Hour Make-up” for your eyes.

There are also two lip options. For everyday use, the classic lip balm with a glossy finish works best. If it can be a little more, a brown lipstick with gold lip gloss is suitable as a topper.

Even the stars love the “Golden Hour Make-up”

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If you’re looking for inspiration, we recommend checking out Gisele Bundchen’s Instagram account. It is not only the photos showing the supermodel’s makeup that make her the queen of the “Golden Hour Make-up”, but also many other posts reflect her state of mind.

If now you think that Gisele Bundchen is also the affectionate type, it is not difficult, we can reassure you. The “Golden Hour Make-up” also looks great on actress Sophie Turner, who tends to have a cool complexion. Then try it! As long as you stay in the sunny color spectrum of yellow, gold and brown, you can hardly go wrong.

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