Jennifer Lawrence replaces the basic t-shirt with this top, which will also be trendy in autumn 2023


Jennifer Lawrence swaps the basic tee for this top:

Dressing smart and stylish in the 30 degree heat and sweltering heat of summer can often be a huge challenge. Office looks, in particular, require a little more forward planning. The all-rounder in the office and on special occasions, our beloved blazer is unfortunately often too thick and warm in the summer. With her latest look, actress Jennifer Lawrence shows us which variant of the summer-ready blazer is not only super wearable in the heat, but could also become a real fall trend. And you might already know the trending part…

Jennifer Lawrence goes for the trendy suit vest in late summer and fall

Jennifer Lawrence is known for her minimalist looks that give off a cool “cool girl” aura but also fit perfectly into the “quiet luxe” trend. Because the actress’s style is stripped down and casual, but if you take a closer look at the individual pieces, you’ll notice high-quality single pieces and long-lasting pieces instead of fast-moving microtrends. A nice white shirt? It must not be missing in your wardrobe.

Still, Lawrence seems to need a makeover in her wardrobe every once in a while, opting for a white vest over the classic tee for her latest outfit, which she wore on a stroll on the Upper West Side with husband Cooke Maroney — basically a sleeveless blazer.

Jennifer Lawrence will opt for a vest instead of a tee in Fall 2023.


In keeping with her elegant style, Lawrence also keeps the rest of her outfit simple and combines the top with elements from her favorite brand The Row: ‘Gala’ pants and ‘Egon’ sandals, which have since sold out. The foldable tote bag from Loewe, which we already know from their gym looks, should not be missing.

With the suit vest, Jennifer Lawrence offers us a perfect alternative for days when it’s too hot for a chic blazer. At the same time, she also offers us the ideal modification to the white T-shirt or tank top if the outfit can be a little more exciting. As you can see: not only in the hot summer do we absolutely need a vest, but also in autumn 2023 the new trendy piece should not be missing.

Shop Jennifer Lawrence’s look

Vest in grain de poudre by Saint Laurent

Gala wide leg trousers made of virgin wool by The Row

Sandals “Erin” by Vagabond


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