Aiwanger flyer deal: Söder holds press conference – live here – Bavaria


Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) will announce the decision on the future of his deputy Hubert Aiwanger (Free Electors) on Sunday morning. The State Chancellery invited at short notice to a press conference at 11 o’clock “due to current events”. Söder’s decision on whether or not to fire his deputy Hubert Aiwanger (free voters) is anxiously awaited due to the story of the anti-Semitic leaflet released at school.

Last week he had the South German newspaper reported, that an anti-Semitic pamphlet was found in Aiwanger’s backpack in the 1987/88 school year. 17-year-old Aiwanger was said to have been punished for this by his school’s disciplinary board. Aiwanger has now admitted to both. However, Aiwanger has repeatedly denied being its author. Older brother said his flyer was from him.

Last Thursday the head of Free Electors admitted the mistakes, but did not speak explicitly of resignation. “I deeply regret that I have hurt feelings by my behavior in response to the brochure in question or other allegations against me since my youth,” he read in a press release.

Statements had appeared “which give the impression that as a teenager I had embarked on a misanthropic path”. As a young man he “also made mistakes” and apologizes to the victims of the Nazi regime and to “all those involved in the precious work of memory”.

At the same time Aiwanger stressed that he sees himself as a victim of a political campaign. “I’ve never been an anti-Semite, I’ve never been a misanthrope,” she said. A negative image has been created of him in recent days.

As a result, Söder lobbied his deputy and sent him 25 questions about the flyer and how to handle it. The answers arrived on Friday evening at the State Chancellery.

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