5 ideas for a nice Valentine’s Day without a partner


Here are 5 ideas for your Valentine’s Day as a single

1. Galentine’s Day

In recent years this idea has also established itself in the world of marketing: Galentines Day! Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your girls, just celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girls you’re planning a great day out, a brunch or even a party with your (single) friends. Have fun, have fun, tell each other your funniest dating stories – the mood is guaranteed to be good and no one will have the feeling that they are missing a partner anymore. For an extra dose of love you can also cheer each other up with a small Valentine’s Day gift.

2. Indulge

Everyone receives flowers, chocolate and gifts and you are left empty-handed? Absolutely not! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to treat yourself and treat yourself. Buy a bouquet of flowers, your favorite candy or that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on for a long time. If you want, you can also invite yourself to dinner or go to the cinema alone: ​​it may take a little effort, but it is a great experience and will show you that you are in the best company even when you are alone. Even a small exercise session can bring feelings of happiness. Our advice: Yoga Easy is hosting a Valentine’s Day special on February 14th. At 7.15am and 12.30pm the lessons are free for everyone (even non-members). Furthermore, until February 17th there is a 25% discount on all subscriptions and the “Yoga is Connection” workshop with Nina Heitmann is also free.

3. Spa for one

If you don’t want to buy anything material, Invest your time and money in a nice wellness treatment. A relaxing massage or facial will quickly make you forget about loneliness or even pain. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to a spa day at home, including a bubble bath, a face mask, a hair treatment, cooking something delicious… Afterwards, you’ll not only feel great, but you’ll also glow inside and out!

4. Anti-Valentine’s Day

Are you tired of the rose-colored glasses, little hearts everywhere and all the romance? Then an anti-Valentine’s Day is just the thing for you. Heart-shaped chocolate is exchanged for chips, a new houseplant is bought instead of roses and instead of bad films, horror or action films are on the program in the evening. There’s no point in creating a romantic atmosphere if you don’t feel like it. And honestly: spend an entire day doing what you feel like doing and not what you “just do”? It must be Love.

5. Solo excursion

A mindful break alone is also a great way to spend Valentine’s Day as a single person. A long walk, a day trip to the mountains or the seaside or to another city – Where have you always wanted to go, but never found the time? On Valentine’s Day you can get them and luckily you don’t have to take other people’s schedules or opinions into consideration. Pack your seven things and start your mini adventure!

Of course, you can also share these Valentine’s Day and evening tips with your friends and celebrate Valentine’s Day together as a single person. You can find more tips here in the video:

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