Does the TV chef have a girlfriend?


Profile of Alexander Kumptner

Surname: Alexander Kumptner

Birthday: June 3, 1983

Birth place: Vienna

Zodiac sign: twin

Age: 40

1. Does Alexander Kumptner have a girlfriend?

What many fans are wondering is: does Alexander Kumptner have a girlfriend? This is certain: Not much is known about his private life. However, it is no secret that the beautiful TV chef is in good hands. In an interview with “Express” in 2022, he revealed: “I have had a girlfriend for several years. But my girlfriend and I want to keep our relationship away from the public eye and to ourselves.”

In the same year, he was a little more eager to chat with “Promipool”: when asked what his girlfriend thought about him being the most famous chef on TV, he admitted: “It’s actually never a problem for us, but she’s happy for me that I can do the things I like.”

Who exactly is his girlfriend, how long they have been together, her name or her appearance – still a big secret. But these qualities probably apply to her, because “The Taste” juror says they are especially important in her partner: “Naturalness, humor and simplicity. For me honesty is the most important thing and that we are there for each other, even if things maybe are difficult right now.”

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