Proving that the no-pants trend is far from extinct, Kristen Stewart opts for this bold style combo


Kristen Stewart is now proving that the no-pants trend is far from over.

Remember Margot Robbie’s looks for the Barbie press tour? Almost every day we admired the new looks of the actress in the style of the pink Mattel doll. Zendaya also relies on the so-called “dressing method” during the “Dune 2” press tour. Stars dress like the characters in their films or at least how they would play them. It’s a way to bring the cinematic universe to the red carpet before the film even premieres. The motto doesn’t always have to be taken literally like, say, Geena Davis’ iconic baseball dress she wore to the premiere of “A League of Their Own” in 1992.

Kristen Stewart now proves it and seems to be using the “dressing method” for her latest film, entirely in her own style. At the “Love Lies Bleeding” premiere in Los Angeles, the actress wore a bold no-pants look that hinted at her thriller’s mix of tension and romance.

Kristen Stewart: She models the no-pants look so hot

The actress does not go for the classic pantless look with shorts and tights, but instead combines an exciting bodysuit from Chanel with black tights. The unique bodysuit was particularly characterized by the very high slit on the leg and a wide cut on the back. Together with the pantless style, this created a particularly interesting silhouette and perfectly highlighted the black tights with a dark belt.

Kristen Stewart at the premiere of

Kristen Stewart at the “Love Lies Bleeding” premiere in Chanel.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Along with the outfit, the actress also wore an oversized black blazer, which she casually let fall off her shoulders, and simple black pumps. Her mixie cut was pulled together into a messy bun and her makeup was also kept pretty simple. To give enough space to the special outfit, Stewart opted for very little jewelry, with just a few silver rings adorning her fingers.

With this look, Kristen Stewart proves that the no-pants trend is far from over. Of course, the outfit is not for everyday wear. But it doesn’t have to be this way: after all, the “dressing method” allows you to slip into another role, even outside the cinematic universe. It remains speculation whether Kristen Stewart was actually inspired by the content of her new thriller for this look. In any case, her look took our breath away.

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