Distorted T-shirts will cause a new hype in the spring of 2024


While in winter we usually choose simple basic shirts because they hide under thick sweaters or jackets anyway, in spring and summer the focus is increasingly on our tops. While looking for designs that were truly beautiful, we came across Twisted Shirts, which are straight up that has won our fashion hearts Have. We’ll tell you what’s behind this trend and why specialty tops are currently booming.

Tops with special details are trendy

T-shirts have a new twist this season – literally! The straps of the tops are draped and twisted in such a way that they beautifully decorate the neckline, fall freely on the shoulders and create an exciting look. In spring and summer they replace our basic shirts and tank tops, for a change enhance every look.

Even a simple combination with jeans looks much more elegant with trendy tops. That the peaks in question are straight a huge outcry You can find out by checking out our favorite online stores. The famous Twisted T-shirts are always sold out at Zara and H&M – it’s a good thing we found them at Mango.

Here you can grab the trendy piece:

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