Thanks to this shape of nails, your manicure will always look expensive


The shape of our nails can have a big impact on the look and feel of our hands. Although the choice of nail shape is a personal preference, there is a particular shape that is currently considered particularly elegant and luxurious. If you want to follow the trend of the moment, then you should definitely have the following nail shape on your radar.

This nail shape always looks elegant

Just as fashion trends come and go, trends for our nails also come and go. We have already revealed how popular “Griselda Nails” or “Mob Wife Nails” are, but what about the trendiest nail shape that is popular this year? Quick spoiler: this is actually a classic and timeless shape, suitable for every occasion and event. We are talking about short and straight nails.

Here are some reasons why a manicure with this nail shape can be considered elegant and expensive:

1. Cleaning

Short nails are easier to clean and are less likely to collect dirt or bacteria under them. This gives the impression of hygiene and care.

2. Practicality

Short nails are less prone to breaking or cracking, which means they last longer and require less maintenance. They are also less disruptive to everyday life as they are less likely to crash or break.

3. Timelessness

A classic, timeless look is often associated with elegance. Short, straight nails suit different styles and outfits and can be worn both formally and informally.

However, it is important to note that beauty and elegance are subjective and everyone has their own preferences. There are no hard and fast rules about what nail shape is considered elegant. It’s important to feel comfortable with your nails and take care of them accordingly.

We love these short nail designs

Of course the choice of design is completely up to you, but if you still need inspiration, here is the right loadout for you:

1. French nails

The classic French manicure is as timeless as the shape of the straight nail itself and looks extremely elegant and high-quality on any occasion. Simply apply a white polish to the tip of the nail over a neutral base and finish the manicure with a clear polish for a glossy finish.

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