But do you even know your stress language?


Everyone knows the language of love. It shows us how we love the people around us and how we would like to receive love. Because: every person loves differently! Besides, so is love fatigue a sensation that we (unfortunately) often encounter in everyday life.

So, if you already know what love language you tend to use, it might be interesting for you too according to which models how you handle stress and how you typically react to stress in your life. Also in this case, experts classify based on the different languages, that is, the languages ​​that are “spoken” in a stressful situation. Find out everything here!

These are the 4 languages ​​of stress

Which of the four stressful languages ​​do you identify with best? Here is an overview of the four accented languages:

Fight the answer

Conflicting: mean and defensive

Example: “You are wrong!”

Internally: angry, restless and irritable

Block the reply

Conflicting: excited and speechless

Example: “I do not know!”

Internally: indecisive, anxious and hesitant

Flight response

Conflicting: ghosting, deletion and wanting to get out of the way

Example: “I can’t do this anymore!”

Internally: overwhelmed and eager to escape

Dorsal response

Conflicting: no feedback and a fixed, distant gaze

Example: “Everything doesn’t make sense anymore!”

Internally: callous, unmotivated and depressed

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