Jella Haase in an interview: “I find it difficult to be vegan”


Jella Haase in the interview with Jolie about her diet, her Prince Charming and her personal fairytale country

Jella Haase: “Sorry, I just took a bite of a peanut bar because I was so hungry.”

Jolie: No problem. Sometimes this has to happen when your blood sugar level drops.

Jella Haase: “Exactly. But now I’m trying not to eat sweets anymore. But the bar laughed in my face. If you go without them for a while, you’ll realize how incredibly sweet they are!”

Jolie: I hope your synapses aren’t asking for more now…

Jella Haase: “Please don’t do this! When it comes to my diet, I have ‘all or nothing’ phases: I either eat extremely healthily or I don’t care! Now I’m in a healthier phase again. But my day was so tiring: this morning I had some filming and then a lot of interviews, it exhausted me. I just needed something that would take effect quickly.”

Jolie: Nutrition for the nerves, obviously.

Jella Haase: “Food motivates me. When I’m very stressed, a good meal brings me down. On the other hand, I also notice how much fitter I am when I eat healthily. Unfortunately, I can never keep it up for long, but when I do When I go vegan, which is extremely difficult for me, I feel so much more alert, I actually feel so much better!”

Jolie: What renunciation is particularly difficult for you?

Jella Haase: “It’s not meat. I’ve been avoiding it for 20 years. I only eat fish when I’m at the seaside and it’s caught there. But I’m a cheese junkie. My guilty pleasure is ricotta, preferably with linseed oil, Parsley and salt are the elements fundamentals of my food pyramid. For breakfast I like to eat eggs in different variations.”

Jolie: Do you follow a meatless diet out of conviction?

Jella Haase: “In kindergarten there was stew with very tough meat. I remember chewing it for years and finding it really disgusting. But that’s not the reason. In seventh grade we saw a film about factory farming and I decided on the My best friend that we would no longer support this industry. So I had ethical reasons.”

Jolie: And since then there have been no more sausages and meatballs?

Jella Haase: “Yes, I tried the meat again later, at Christmas, when my father was in the kitchen for hours preparing smoked pork, but the flavor wasn’t good enough for me to realign my moral compass.”

Jolie: And the replacements?

Jella Haase: “It’s hard. I’m good at fasting and skipping meals, but these coconut or soy yogurts just aren’t for me.”

Jolie: What’s the food like on set? Is it even possible to eat healthy?

Jella Haase: “I try to be careful because I have skin problems. I have to make sure I tolerate food well, otherwise I get a rash.”

Jolie: There are definitely a lot of snacks…

Jella Haase: “It’s true. The trick is not to let everything fall apart. Last year I was lucky: all three films I made had the same caterer. They were so enthusiastic about cooking me the things I like. This created a great contribution so that I can do my job well.”

Jolie: Ultimately the saying is true: you are what you eat, right?

Jella Haase: “Yes. When people look forward to their lunch break because there is something delicious to eat, the work ethic is completely different. Good, healthy food simply makes you happy. And food unites: everyone loves to gather at the table .”

Jolie: What dish would you surprise your date with?

Jella Haase: “Oh, I’m not a great cook, my skills are very limited. I would go to a restaurant, preferably Asian. Although obviously it would be more romantic in an Italian restaurant. But my experience is that usually you can’t eat much anyway for the ‘excitement.”

Jolie: Since your new film is set in a fairytale world, let’s simply ask ourselves: do you believe in a Prince Charming?

Jella Haase: “Yes! In this case, Prince Charming stands for love in general. I have very specific ideas about love and what it should be. But I’m also learning to question these rigid ideas.”

Jolie: And what would your personal fairyland be like?

Jella Haase: “I would have a beautiful property with a renovated barn on the lake. And all my friends and family would live there, too.”

Source used: Interview originally published in Jolie issue 3/24

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